It’s September, and there are four weeks, just like every month.  So what if date night included planning a trip that you’ll take in October?  Planning a trip together is so fun, and one of the most rewarding times together…sometimes even better than the trip itself!  And since all of our date night options out are still limited, this might be a fun solution.

Here are five date night ideas (one for each week of the month, plus an extra) to get that next road trip on your calendar:

First, the location:  Spend time together browsing options for places to drive in your area.  Consider ghost towns, small town charm, national parks, historic downtowns, or whatever you enjoy (and whatever is open!).  Grab your laptop and a few snacks, and browse.  One can browse while the other takes notes.  Once you’ve chosen your destination, step outside and take a walk discussing the dates you’ll take off, how long you will be gone, etc.  Get excited. 

Tip: We’ve found that purchasing an actual paper state map of our area enables us to search for towns in a specific radius, depending on how far we want to travel.

Second, the activities:  This night, spend time searching the internet for best things to do in the cities you’ve chosen.  Maybe you’ve picked a route to three small towns not far from where you live.  Search for eateries, shopping, history, events, parks and more (be sure to check to see what’s open).  Take a drive to your local Target and purchase a folder to keep all your plans and brochures orderly and ready for your trip!  Stop for an ice cream on the way home as you talk about what excites you the most!

Tip:  Type in “itinerary in…” for each place you’re going and sometimes individuals will post on their blogs exactly what they did in that place…great info for you!

Third, the lodging:  Will you stay in a hotel or bed n breakfast?  We’ve found that in small town travel, bed and breakfast or air bnb homes are the best.  They usually offer ambience you can’t get in a hotel, and perhaps feel a bit safer because they’re isolated instead of housed in a big high rise.  This search is the most fun, as you contact hosts and find out amenities and provisions!  Book your place!  This night, either on line or inside an open store, purchase little toiletry items and car organizers for your road trip!

Tip:  If the place has a kitchen, consider taking your own food to make – that can be a date night all to its own!

Fourth, the preparation and packing:  Spend date night taking care of some fun things like washing and cleaning out the car, packing together (maybe purchase some of those cool packing cubes or a new toiletry bag!), cook some of the food items you can prepare ahead (trail mix!), etc.  Put on music and give thanks for this opportunity to go!

Tip:  Since you’re tripping in the car, consider an organizer for your back seat that will keep your books, wraps, shoes, etc. corralled and not rolling around!

Fifth, the extras:  Think about things you can take to do while you’re resting in the evening, or even pulled over in a state park under a shade tree! For example, include a journal to reflect and record your fun, a new book or puzzle book, a game to play, or even a sketch book and pencils to create!  Pack them in a cube or a bag or a box, to have ready!  So spend the evening gathering, shopping, and putting these items together…over a root beer float!

Tip: On your itinerary, list out these items as options when there’s down time.  Otherwise, you’ll forget and come home sad that you forgot!

There you go!  Start planning, and incorporate that planning into date night with him, as you search, shop, pack, plan, and enjoy all the steps in having a good time!

Plan a Trip
by Marcy Lytle

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