I think we can agree that we’re living in difficult times and the entire world is being shaken. Even as I write this, I’m weighing my words so as not to offend, I’m asking for help in explaining this deep thing in my heart that grieves me so much. Lately, I find it easier to express through poetry the thoughts and feelings that rise up within me.


This poem is about peace and what I see as an obstacle in bringing God’s “kingdom on earth as it is in heaven” that we who believe profess to want and pray for.


Does God really take a “side”?

Does he really support one agenda over another?

Who is benefitting from the hate, intolerance and accusations slung back and forth—certainly no human being. How can we live in tune with God’s heartbeat, ready for the Day?


I pray this poem speaks to anyone who has ears to hear.



Dove of Love with an olive branch…

The earth is longing for you

With hope of peace and promise of release

From prisons of pain and storm.

Pure and free, the first and the last,

With gentle and yet ferric strength,

Your olive branch is offered to all--

Every nation, and color, and bent.


But the earth cries out as she sees you fall,

Deflated and berated, all hope negated,

The olive branch loosened, but not lost;

Why do you falter, dove of Love?

What burden do you bear

That causes you to dip and waver

And struggle through the air?


She speaks softly, the dove of Love…

So quiet yet so resolute:

“It’s my wings you see, they work against,

They don’t move in Harmony.

The left one cries freedom, mercy, equality--

It will not be bound or constrained.

The right one cries morality, honor, authority--

It will not give, understand or explain.

They defy and deny, refusing to hear

the heartbeat that sounds as one.

Yet I fly on, olive branch held tight

Til righteousness and mercy meet.”


And when will they meet, dove of Love?

When will the heartbeat be heard?

“The heartbeat, in Power, will sound out the hour

When Harmonic angels arrive;

Then left and right will no longer strive,

Their strength will diminish and die.


Light and Truth will lift me high;

The earth will exult as the olive branch falls, 

Bringing hope of peace and promise of release

From prisons of pain and storm,

To every nation, and color, and form.”

A Poem of Peace
by Dina Cavazos

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