One day we were driving around town and I was thinking about the “fall,” you know, when Adam and Eve ate that forbidden fruit and ushered in all sorts of pain and suffering into the world.  I was looking at the kinds of businesses around town that only exist because of pain and suffering!

  • Lawyers are here to defend us when wrongs occur.

  • Spas and health clubs are here to keep us healthy.

  • Repair shops are only built to fix things that are broken.

  • Stores and restaurants exist because we no longer have access to the garden.

  • Doctors’ offices and hospitals are built to house and treat illnesses 

  • Counselors and psychiatrists help to heal our broken hearts and minds.

  • Jails house those who do wrong and inflict pain on others.

I could go on and on, but you get the picture.  If pain and suffering didn’t exist in the world, we’d have so much more land, no need for repairs, and we’d be well and healthy and strong…and then what would our world look like?  What kinds of jobs would there be? Oh wait, would we even need to work?

Photo by Doug Gephardt

Sin is real, and even though many song lyrics talk about doing what feels good no matter what, when we wrong ourselves or others…pain results.

Just yesterday I read about a drunk driver entering the highway going the wrong direction, and when an accident occurred, the person in the other vehicle died.  Drinking and driving mixed together is an activity that’s wrong, and it causes devastating results. 

For anyone to say that sin (wrong doing) doesn’t exist is to be blinded by the pain in this world that does exist because of that original sin.


I cannot explain or even comprehend why the actions of one couple affected generations to come, but it did.  And God says that what we do affects the generations after us.  We can leave them with blessings or curses, depending on our actions.  If we are so fearful that we hover and prohibit our kids from living, they will experience fear and pass that on to their kids.  But the same occurs with the opposite.  If we build up the faith in our kids, share with them stories of God’s love and faithfulness, they will swim in that stream…against all resistance.

Sin is real.  Sin hurts.  Sin permeates our society and lives on our streets.  And the only antidote for sin is Jesus.  We cannot stop sinning on our own. From the time we breathe our first breath, it’s all about “give me what I need and give it to me now,” unless we at some point in our lives surrender.  We can surrender our bent toward sin, and change by bending toward forgiveness. 

All of the above places I mentioned that exist to help the hurting are there to help us all, in our quest to be healthy and whole. However, no amount of gym memberships, appointments with counselors, and time spent in jail can fix the original problem – sin.  Sin is doing wrong when we know to do good.  And that encompasses a whole lot of wrong in all of us.

John 3:16 is probably the most quoted verse in the Bible, and with good reason.

God so loved the world that he gave his only Son

that whoever believes in Him shall not die but have eternal life.

That one verse is the antidote for sin – to just believe in the love of a good, good Father – and that’s it.

Next time you take a drive around town, count the businesses that only exist because we live in a broken world, and you’ll be astounded.  And if you work in one of those businesses, thank you.  If you attend one of those businesses for help - good for you.  And if you don’t yet know Jesus, the One who restores us back to the pre-fallen state of fellowship with the Father, all you have to do is believe.

Imagine a world without sin, without broken, without sick, and without harm.

That’s the world that’s promised to those who believe.


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