I would NEVER be caught without sunglasses, EVER, because the sun made my eyes squint and hurt.  So I had every cute pair out there, from big frames to colorful frames, and I loved wearing them.  That was, until reading glasses became a staple.  For years I then carried two kinds of glasses in my purse, a reading pair AND the sunglasses, until…about a year ago.

I really found myself in a bad mood when we headed out for a stroll and I carried my phone, and two pair of glasses.  The sunglasses went on my head to help my eyes, but then if I had to read my phone or anything else, I had to switch the glasses.  This drove me NUTS.

I don’t really remember why or how it happened, but I think I just decided I was going to only take my reading glasses (because I could not function without them!) and over time, I didn’t need the sunglasses anymore…and now I don’t like sunglasses!

That little story I find amazing, even though it happened to ME!  I would never have thought I could live without sunglasses, but here I sit not liking them anymore, my eyes don’t bother me (in fact, sunglasses bother me), and I’m back down to only having to carry one pair!

So what’s the point of this crazy story?  I realized that there are things I think I need or must have that I can really do without just fine!  I suppose my eyes had grown accustomed to the sunglasses, but now my eyes don’t like the shades any more! I’m sure this would not work for everyone, but other things might.

I remember standing by another mom while waiting to pick up my kids from school and she commented, “We just have to have a playroom in our new home.”  My  husband and I had just lost our big house and I found myself rolling my eyes as she talked, because I was just thankful we had a home with a garage!

There are all sorts of things we think we cannot live without, and yet we can, and we might, and we might be happier without those things!

People that move to tiny homes and love it find out they don’t need all the space they once thought was necessary!

People (me) that went to the movies two to three nights a week thought they’d lose their mind without that activity during the pandemic, but my mind is intact and more walks have been enjoyed!

People lose a job and cannot afford a gym anymore, and find that exercise can be fun at home, in the yard, and around the trail – who knew?

We all have our own lists of things that bring us comfort and joy, things we have come to place on our need list, and things we must buy…but sometimes…just sometimes…it’s a good thing to reconsider all of those things!

My sunglasses story is just my story.  I cannot even explain why my eyes have now adjusted and I’m just fine out in the sun.  It seems crazy to me.  But I’m no longer switching and carrying two pairs of glasses, and that little difference has made me feel good and free.

We can all think of little annoyances, burdens, must-haves, that dictate our lifestyle and our happiness, and then just take away one of them and see what happens.   Sometimes what we think brings us pleasure is really just an extra load.

I found it fascinating to realize that I don’t need sunglasses after all, when I thought I couldn’t live without them.  It still boggles my mind.  But here I am, about to head out on an errand, with only one pair of glasses in hand…


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