A sweet friend of mine recently gave me a clipping of an autumn rose sedum plant, and I was so excited to have it.  She had been gifted the same from a friend of hers, so she was passing on the love.  I was glad to receive!  This same friend has shared with me so often little things that have benefited her or that she’s enjoyed, and it’s absolutely so fun to be on the other end of receiving such surprises.

So I thought of other things we can all share, things we have or have enjoyed, by just leaving a surprise on the front porch of our friends!

Stovetop potpourri in a jar – A bunch of rosemary, two lemons, and one tablespoon of vanilla placed in a pretty mason jar and tied with twine makes a nice gift for anyone.  As cooler temps approach, you can totally change up what you place in the jar for scents of the season!

A good book we’ve enjoyed – If we have a book we’ve read and are willing to share, we can just pass on the love with a little review tucked inside, with a square of dark chocolate to enjoy while they read!

A succulent in a pot – Either put together one or purchase one at your local hardware store or nursery, include your favorite scripture verse, and leave it on the doorstep of her house.

A recipe with ingredients – Maybe you put together a great trail mix, or a pasta dish that everyone loved!  Place the ingredients with the recipe in a large bowl with a tea towel (from the dollar store) and deliver to her door (six feet away, of course).

A pack of hand sanitizers – My daughter sells a pack of purse-sized ones that smell so good, and she was having a giveaway for teachers.   That’s a great idea, or even for your friends.  For about $13 you get five, and they’re seriously the best. (special offer!)

A good buy from Amazon – Maybe you purchased a cute salad mixer, or a great car organizer, and you loved it.  Order one for her and have it delivered in a couple of days max!  Share the love!

A journal and a new pen – Write an encouraging note to your friend on the first page, and encourage her to fill in the rest with creativity, thoughts, or prayers.  She will love it!

Those are seven ideas of sharing the love, and I’m thinking there are so many more ideas swimming in your own head.  During this time, especially for moms with kids, teachers and law enforcement wives, and those nursing the sick or the elderly, there are plenty of friends with whom we can share what we have to bring a smile.

So fun!

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by Marcy Lytle

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