Am I the only one waiting for life to get more positive and exciting?


I'm guessing I'm not alone. It can feel so hard to dream right now. Sometimes all I see is how isolated and bored I am, and my accomplishments so far don't seem very impressive. So much failure and disappointment, dysfunction and issues throughout my life…and now there’s nothing but time and loneliness to stew in all of it.


Is this all I will ever be? 

What will forever define my life and its impact?

Will I always be too messed up to make better choices and be a part of something awesome? How can I ever receive the good God created me for when everything is such a mess?

And now will I ever be able to live life the way I want in order to try and make something better?


I had hoped for so much more; now I just feel stuck. 


It's easy for me to forget that nothing that has happened has caught God by surprise, not even unwise life choices that have had long-lasting consequences. He still has a good plan for our lives that no crisis or detour can stop, and not a tear will be wasted.

photo courtesy of Doug Gephardt

His mercies are new every morning!


But he also knows that there is a time for everything (Ecclesiastes 3:11), even things we wouldn't have willingly chosen, and he already knows the good that is brewing from even our unhealthy decisions and our unhealthy planet during this time of relative stillness. As is written in Isaiah 30:15, in quietness and trust our strength can be found. There is treasure in the nighttime, but it takes eyes of faith to see it.


Maybe part of the purpose of this time is not so much for fun, but to grow in patience and steadfastness, and to learn to be still and listen while we have fewer options to be busy. Whatever its purpose or purposes, I can make the most of it by staying close to him and trusting him to be what he is, which is good. I can also ask him to change my vision so I can experience his highest possible good for me while I'm waiting. So I'm thinking maybe being off-balance is more a matter of perspective than circumstance.


God has had a plan for this so-called chaos all along and doesn't need to wait until things (or we) are better to bring good out of life. We can't stop him from bringing it no matter what we do, but we ourselves will likely be so much happier if we choose to align our view with his. And then, maybe encouraging others with this hope will also help us feel less stuck and frustrated, because shining our light feels good.


Today, tomorrow, and every day that we have life, new treasures are available because God is a good giver. It may not look the way we had anticipated, but that just means we need to ask for different eyes to see it. 

Good is Coming
by Pam Charro

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