This month we asked our panel of women that contribute to share their ideas for making their porch (front or back or yard!) appealing.  We didn’t ask for something elaborate, but rather any item or idea that makes them enjoy their space and makes it more appealing to spend some time there!  I love all of the ideas they submitted, and hope you do as well:



I love the “Welcome” signs I now that I see everywhere. My daughter and I took a class a little over a year ago and painted these signs. They are quite the trend. I have mine by the door in the garage that goes into our house.


We live in the last house on the left of a dead-end street in the country, so I don’t spend a lot of time decorating my porches each year. I used to, but since our kids are grown, we don’t have a lot of people coming and going anymore. So, I spend my time and effort elsewhere. There is one thing that I do every year and that is plant a couple of citronella plants in our backyard flower beds. I put one between our pool and hot tub and one by our lounge chairs. I am sold on these plants and I do believe they really repel the mosquitoes. Also, they are a durable, pretty plant and well worth the money.


Adirondack chairs are most likely on sale this time of year, and adding a couple in the same color as your front door, and then a couple of accent pillows makes a porch pop, for sure!


I brightened up my porch by spray painting my outdoor furniture a nice spring green. It matched the green of my plants, many of which are unfortunately now brown!




We recently added back porch appeal with an old baker’s rack, and filled it with items we found at thrift stores – including a fun # lighted sign!  The pitcher was a fun find as well, and the birdhouse was made for us by the kiddos!  I love whimsy!




I was slow to reply because my patio is not decorated at this point. I removed any plants that were there to make room for children’s toys. My cushions are a bit faded and I will replace them next year. It’s strictly a functional space right now. I am, however, sending a picture of our new little bird area that we enjoy from the patio.

What about a rocker, a pop of color and a huge plant? In Pink? 



Stair stepping a couple of large planters adds appeal to a small porch – one on the upper step – and one on the lower – and then just change out the plants with the seasons!



It’s still really hot where we live, but in a few weeks this little white planter will be filled with fall colored chrysanthemums.  This is a tradition started by my hubby.  He has the green thumb in our family and takes great pride in his yard.  Fall is coming, but it’s not here yet.


Here is a look at my outside yard art. I love looking at my backyard and hearing the sound of water.  The water "fountains" are from the Hill Country Water in Cedar Park.  The one in the back is easier to take care of the one in the front has to be filled up with water more often.  They normally have a sale in the fall.  We got the green one about 3 years ago and the brown one last fall.  The yellow and mutli colored windmills are from Wildseed Farm in Fredericksburg.  That is a fun place!  Its a nursery of sorts and they have a butterfly garden and usually some fields of flowers blooming.  The bottle tree was a gift from our kids a while back.  

Porch Appeal
by Marcy Lytle

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