Poses and Pictures
by Marcy Lytle
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We took the kiddos to the Austin Aquarium a few weeks ago, and there were lots of opportunities there for pictures!  Lots of photo props.  Ayla, 9 years old, wanted me to snap quite a few poses of her on one particular prop, and I acquiesced.  And then she asked that I place these photos in the magazine!  I laughed, and thought – what story can I write to go with these photos – and I came up with one!  And once the boys saw her posing, they wanted in on the action, as well.

Photo props can be so fun at the kids’ parties, at family gatherings, and at amusement places like aquariums.  Haven’t you been to a wedding before where there’s a photo booth, or props set out on the table for using in your own photos?  It’s so fun to make funny faces, hold up fingers like horns on an unsuspecting friend, or stick out your tongues as the camera clicks.

It’s also fun for kids to play “dress up” at all ages, stand in front of mirrors as they twirl and pretend and imagine themselves as a character in a play.  Kids love experimenting with makeup, lipstick, nail polish and more. 

Since it is the fall season, and Christmas will be here before we know it, why not think about these things for gifts, experiences, or just to have on hand, for the kids to enjoy as they pose and pretend and play? 

Here are some great ideas for gifts or parties or any kind of family fun now, or over the holidays:

  • A Polaroid camera might be a fun gift for the kids, so they can see their snapshots right away after they take them!

  • Consider going through your closets; and instead of donating this season, make a huge box of dress-up clothes or clear out a drawer just for these!  Include ties, scarves, shoes, bags, sweaters and more…and surprise the kids at their next party at the house…or as a fun treat anytime at all.

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  • A spa night might be fun for the entire family, with lotions and scents and warm cloths and more.  Consider photo props like masks and hair turbans and slippers from the dollar store, and take pictures of each person as they’re receiving the “treatment.”

  • A fun outing might be to think of five stops for the family where cool shots can be taken with props, like we did at the Aquarium.  Maybe there’s a cool mural in your town, a beautiful garden or a unique slide or feature in a park.  Stop for dessert at a specialty ice cream store where you create your own treat, and take pictures of each one.

  • Does your family enjoy sketching and coloring?  Create your own masks, cut them out, add string or elastic, and then put them on and snap photos!  Google some templates if you need some to print out!

  • Give the kids a word like – under, over, red, car, tree, etc. – and give them the camera to take photos of each other using those words, and then let them create a collage of them all.  How fun would that be?

  • Finally, pose with the kids.  Let them see their parents making funny faces and acting silly and laughing.  It will do the entire family a lot of good!

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