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I recently heard something on my daily devotional, Lectio 365, that immediately made me think long and deep. The narrator said that the late (great) Dallas Willard was once asked what one word he would use to best describe Jesus. His answer was “relaxed.” She went on to point out that even though Jesus had only three short years to change the world, he made time to party with his friends, sit with children, and spend time alone talking with his Father. That’s a readjusting thought for sure.

I’ve written about my to-do lists and feeling like I’m always behind and never caught up. I wonder if Jesus had to-do lists. I’ll bet he did; but I’d also bet that he never felt “behind and never caught up.” Why? Because he was relaxed, my ruminations pointedly answered. I, on the other hand, could not describe my state of being as relaxed. Oh, there are moments: floating in the STP, drinking a mimosa (or two), watching a movie in my comfy bed, reading, good prayer times, etc., but in between those relaxed moments I could be hurrying to an appointment, worrying about loved ones, fretting about a situation, planning my next project, praying desperate prayers, etc. etc. etc.


What would it take for me to be relaxed

 through this unpredictable life of

busyness, heartache, troubles, and pain?

ENCOURAGEMENT - sept 2023 - firmly planted - relax.JPG

My dive into the deep waters of a relaxed Jesus led me to a pearl that I will treasure and hold close. This pearl is the simple truth that I can only relax by completely trusting in Jesus, just as he completely trusted in the Father. He lives in me; I’m alive in him; his love is an unquenchable fire; he has overcome the world. What is there to fear and fret about? I, in my human frailty, must value this pearl and believe its message. I will hold it close and commit to trust in Jesus until the day I’ll truly and forever relax with him.

by Dina Cavazos
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