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At the beginning of this year, we got a puppy named Hank. A silver lab with the cutest floppy ears. He’s our first dog as a family, so you can imagine how enamored we all were (and still are). Hank’s a perfect dog for the ranch. He loves running and playing and swimming, and he’s always up for some fun.

Besides being a great family pet, we’re also training Hank to be a hunting dog. He has a duck dummy that he loves to retrieve, especially out on the water. We throw it as far as we can and watch him go splashing out to get it, so fast and agile as he swims.

Sometimes, to make it more challenging, we throw the dummy into long grass when Hank isn’t looking. Then we tell him “hunt” and give him verbal commands and hand signals to help him find it. A lot of times he finds it quick and easy, but other times it takes him several minutes. No matter how long it takes, though, he eventually finds what he’s looking for. And he looks so proud when he brings it back to us like a prize.

Watching Hank search for his duck makes me think about life, how sometimes I’m like him. Searching and searching for something but not knowing where it is. Spinning in circles, in over my head. Trying to figure out God’s plan for me all at once.


But just like Hank, sometimes I’m not supposed to know where I’m going. I’m supposed to listen to my Father’s commands. Go where He leads me, one step at a time. He doesn’t always reveal things to me plain and simple. In fact, He usually doesn’t. Most of the time, His plan is a total mystery. But it’s not called faith for nothing. The point is to trust Him, listen to Him, and obey Him. Without knowing the destination, taking the first step. Going where He calls me, believing that He knows best.

It's so hard sometimes, not knowing the answers. I wish I could figure it all out and see where I’m going. I want it all to make sense. But that’s not how it works. I have to learn patience, because I can’t obey Him if I’m always trying to rush Him. I can’t do what He’s called me to if I’m too eager for what’s ahead.

Each moment has a purpose. I can be used wherever I am, but I have to slow down and keep my eyes open for those opportunities. And I have to be in tune with His voice.

Duck Dog in Training
by Kaelin Scott
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