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Sunset Chaser
By Christina Oberon
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Do you share my passion for chasing sunsets?


As summer comes to an end, I actively seek out experiencing the sun bid its daily farewell, painting the sky with its mesmerizing hues. The sun setting is one of my favorite things to watch. I've often pondered the thought of losing my sight, contemplating the sadness of never again beholding a sunset, except for those etched in my memories.

Watching sunsets held a special place in my healing journey as well. Those moments when my health was not at its best, I would ask my husband to drive to a high vantage point to watch the sunset, where I was filled with a sense of connection, reflection, and renewal. It provided a therapeutic and calming experience, offering me a chance to momentarily step away from the challenges I was facing.


A setting sun is a story painted across the heavens, and I often saw my story within it.  It's as if the canvas of the sky becomes a mirror, allowing me to see my own journey mirrored back at me.

There's an allure in deliberately positioning oneself to be part of this magical transition from day to night, especially in places where nature and scenery intertwine in harmony. The beach is a timeless favorite of mine - a canvas where the sun's descent is amplified by rhythmic waves. The combination is unmatched, in my opinion.  This pursuit isn’t just about observing the sun's descent below the horizon, but also about immersing myself in the colors, mood, and atmosphere that the sunset creates.

Watching a sunset is a meaningful and introspective activity for me - it's a journey of mindfulness. It encourages me to be present in the moment. It fills me with a sense of adventure in my soul and an appreciation for the small yet profound moments in life. It's a way for me to pause and connect with nature, allowing myself to be swept up in the serene and fleeting beauty of the world around me. Somehow, a setting sun has the power to provide contentment and fulfillment within me, while also sparking creativity and inspiration.  It’s also the time I feel God’s boundless love and warm embrace all around me. I feel an intimate connection to something greater.

Just as the sun eventually disappears beyond the horizon, life's moments are transient, and chasing sunsets serves as a reminder for me to cherish and embrace each fleeting experience, to savor each passing chapter, and to embrace the wisdom in this limited time we have on Earth.

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