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I am not a lover of normal breakfast food.  And I love to eat, first thing when my eyes pop open.  However, he loves to have a big breakfast out, whenever we have a chance.  And he doesn’t enjoy getting up so early on the weekends! 


So for us, making a purposeful effort to go out for breakfast on a Saturday morning is something we do sometimes…as part of our date time.  It can be varied up, and we’ve got five suggestions for you!

On a restaurant patio – We recently drove to a pretty outdoor mall that had an outside patio with fans, and we chose that for our breakfast date.  I ate a snack when I awoke so my stomach wouldn’t be growling by the time we got dressed and left, and he got up a little earlier than normal to beat the heat.  Eating there at the mall allowed us to take a walk after we ate, around a lake.  It was awesome!

MARRIAGE - sept 2023 - date night fun_edited.jpg

On the floor – Whoever gets up first can prepare the space with a blanket and pillows, and pick a morning movie to watch and the menu for breakfast.  Then the next time, the other one can prepare!  Make whatever you wish, surprising the other one.  Serve it on a tray with pretty paper plates and napkins, and dress in your cutest pj’s!  Breakfast at Tiffany’s could be a choice of movie!

In the backyard – On your own patio or in the backyard can be the best breakfast spot for a date.  Consider a playlist of music while you eat, and enjoy lots of fruit and possibly pancakes  on this date.  Make it all together in the kitchen, before you carry it outside for your date.  Then have some morning dancing to the music before you come back in and get ready for your day!

In the car – Sometimes, getting breakfast on the go while you’re headed for a country drive is so fun.  Get something you wouldn’t normally eat.  Perhaps, kolaches might be good, or drive to that bakery you’ve heard about and never visited, or splurge on donuts from your favorite shop.  Pack water, napkins and a morning puzzle (crosswords are fun!) and drive to a pretty lookout as you enjoy breakfast for two.

Coffee shop pastries – My husband LOVES coffee shops, so sometimes we search for a new one and head there.  Recently, we found one with a patio and cute vendors set up selling their wares.  There was even live music.  So keep your eyes open and search your area, to see what’s happening at coffee shops near you.  People watch.  That’s always fun.  Or plan your  next trip, while you eat and sip!

Breakfast for Two
by Marcy Lytle
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