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Are You Having Any Fun?
by Marcy Lytle

There’s a song by this same title of this article, and it’s one of my favorite songs ever!  You must take a listen to the lyrics and then answer the question yourself, “Are you having any fun?”  In fact, here are the lyrics of my favorite part:

Fellows with a million smackers
And nervous indigestion
Rich fellows
Eating milk and crackers
I'll ask you one question

Are you havin' any fun?
What y'gettin' out o' livin'?
Who cares for what you've got
If you're not havin' any fun?


It’s a question we need to ask ourselves from time to time in this rat race we’re all running.  With prices so high, schedules so busy, life throwing curveballs, children that need us, aging parents, and the list goes on…and it’s a long list.  

ENCOURAGEMENT - sept 2023 - simple truths_edited.jpg

Before we know it, it’s Christmas time and the fall has blown by and all we have is a pile of leaves against our front door and no time to sweep them!  And so…having fun hasn’t really been on the calendar, because there are no funds, there’s no time, and we’re too tired!


The truth is, if we’re not having any fun, then that means stress is winning!

So how can we slow down, and put fun back into our schedules so that we don’t have indigestion, and we’re not buried under all the things we have and those things that have us?

Have a conversation with the family or your spouse, or a friend.  Get input from each other about what’s missing from the family/relationship and make a list.  This is a good place to start.  Maybe it’s movie night, having friends over, taking a weekend trip, etc. Everyone’s idea of having fun differs, so each person needs to be heard!

Look at your present schedule and budget.  Are work hours unreasonable?  Are the kids in too many extracurricular activities?  Are there any funds available, and if so, how much can be set aside for fun?

If the two things above have already caused stress, then take a break and breathe.  Consider asking a friend to look at those lists and give their input on how to create fun where there is none.

Let go of the guilt.  Working hard is necessary, having things is nice, and working out and giving kids what they want is okay…but not if it’s all sent your entire family on a hamster wheel and you can’t get off!

So truth be told, there needs to be time for:

  • Walks to nowhere (this is fun, when you notice the sun, the trees and the leaves!)

  • Family dinners around the table (this is fun, when dinners are easy – so lighten up and make them easy!)

  • Worship and quiet time (yes, this is fun because loads are lifted!)

  • Cuddling on the sofa with snacks and watching a movie (of course, this is fun!)

  • Getaways (to a zoo, an overnight stay at a hotel, to a small town to walk the square, or just to a bowling alley!)


Those are five suggestions, but hopefully you’ve come up with fun that you desire, and that you now have your list going… 


Are you having any fun?  I hope so.


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