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Every month…so much learnin’…if we just observe and look.  Here’s what I learned just last month:

There are now headbands that mimic sunglasses…  You know, you raise your glasses on top of your head often, to keep your hair back.  So now there are headbands that do the same…check them out.  I don’t know what to think.

There’s this candle called Circle of Friends – and it’s SO cute especially when it’s lit – I just got one with four kiddos – for our family.

Walgreens Photo has an option to get your photo printed and hung on a wooden board with a hanger…it’s really cute and affordable!

Ten Thousand Villages has really cute manger scenes…it’s not too early to order one for you or for a gift!

The Dollar Spot and the back to school sections of Target have great ideas for back to school gifts for the littles – including a cute laptop desk and pop-it pencil bag!  Surprise the littles you know with a gift and a prayer, for the fall season.

There’s this candle called Ski Trip from St Bernard that is amazing, and great for the upcoming winter season…try it.

Have you tried Scentchips?  We recently purchased one of the holders and some of the chips, and it’s so pretty in our bedroom and smells amazing.  The covers change out too, with the seasons or to fit your décor!

TIPS - sept 2023 - tried and true manger.jpg
TIPS - sept 2023 - tried and true kids.jpg
TIPS - sept 2023 - tried and true scent.jpg

When is the last time you went out for breakfast, Mexican food?  Not just breakfast tacos, but a full menu?  It’s good!

We watched Biggest Little Farm on Prime Video the other night, for the second time.  A good watch!

Having friends over?  Just get some gourmet cookies and cut into bitesize pieces for a cookie charcuterie tray!

No blooms for your vases because of the heat?  Dusty Miller survives heat and looks great in a vase.  And small succulent tea lights look great, right beside!  You can find these on Amazon.

Took the girls to a Mary Poppins musical and I found hats and bracelets on line for them.  So look before you go to the next big show and grab some bling for the littles in your bunch!

Need a lamp for a shelf and no plug is available?  Shop for battery operated lamps.  I have several and love them. Just found one at Marshalls!

Have you tried all the freeze-dried candy available now?  We’ve purchased it at markets, and it’s good!  The kids especially like it!  Even Skittles!


Want to place a candle on a shelf but you can’t because of the flame?  Grab a pretty little decorative votive holder (Target often has these in the Dollar Spot) and insert a battery-operated tea light!  Looks so pretty…(pictured on the HOME page – In Each Room)


I got the cutest tiny vacuum that’s made for keyboards but I use it to vacuum out my desk drawer!  It works great, and recharges on my laptop!  Great gift idea, by the way!

TIPS - sept 2023 - tried and true - mary hats.jpg
Last Month's Learnin'...
by Marcy Lytle
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