Mother’s Day is this month, a time to celebrate our moms, celebrate being a mom, or just to give thanks for moms in our lives everywhere.  I know that I have many women that I consider to be like a mom to me, now that my mom is gone.  Moms always have advice to offer, some good and some bad!  However, we thought it would be fun to hear from our panel of women what they have learned from their own moms…so enjoy!


My mom had three daughters, so hair was a big deal!  She was adamant that it was kept clean and out of our faces at all times, at home, school and definitely church.  When we got a little older and started bathing ourselves, she didn't think we got it clean enough, and I'm sure she was right because I've seen the same thing happen with my grandchildren when bathing themselves! Boys and girls, alike. So she told us,


Scrub your scalp from front to back then the sides, twice.

If you get your scalp clean your hair will also be squeaky clean.


I still do it her way to this day and I've passed the advice on to my grandchildren. 



My mama taught me about working hard. She instilled her love for art, crafts, and sewing in me and taught me about helping others. But the most important thing she gave me was the knowledge and love for Jesus and how to know Him personally through prayer. Mama died and never got to see me grow up or see how important her words about Jesus were in my life. One day we'll hug in heaven and know it was Jesus who got us both there.


My Mother at 99 years of age has taught me many things by her actions.  The first thing that stands out in my mind took place in or around 1963 when Mom had a beauty salon in our basement. We had a black housekeeper who was also our nanny, and my Mother came upstairs to eat lunch one day. Velma and I were eating at the kitchen table, Mom pulled up a chair and Velma got up and moved.  My Mom asked where she was going and mentioned she hadn't finished her lunch. Velma stated that she knew she wasn't allowed to eat with Mom at the table. But my mom said, “Whoever told you that was wrong! You are part of this family now, so please sit back down with us.” That made my heart smile as I loved Miss Velma so much. 




After a 10 hour day on her feet my Mom still went house to house collecting for Unicef. It made an impression on me later in life, because I'm sure at the time I would have preferred to play with my friends instead. She always told me,


Treat others the way you would want to be treated.

My mom taught me many things, but the things I seem to remember most are the things she taught by example.  She was kind, and worked hard to keep her house clean and her family deliciously fed.  She loved to cook, was a great seamstress, but mostly loved Jesus with all her heart.  When Dad went to preach somewhere she was there with us in tow, prepared to gather us girls to sing before he preached. When I think of Mom, I still feel a special love in my heart for her that is extra special and different than I have had for anyone else, ever. Mom wasn’t perfect.  Secretly, she often felt inferior, but accepted challenges that made her uncomfortable as she was required. Lastly, she was a great MeMaw.  She had a good relationship with her grandkids.  I hope to be the same!




My mom had lots of funny sayings and those have stuck with all of us kids.  But one of our favorites was her short prayer that she offered when asked to pray before a meal.  Mom didn’t want to let her food get cold, she knew it was the attitude of the heart that mattered, and she would grin a little when she finished praying.  I loved the simplicity of the prayer, and it has helped me in my own prayers.  I don’t have to use a bunch of words. I can just speak, be thankful and love. Her prayer was simply,


Father, we’re grateful.

Things my mom taught me (we had a sometimes complicated relationship):

  1. She was a hard worker.  She always worked outside the home as far back as I can remember.  Mainly because my dad wasn't such a hard worker….

  2. She was very gracious and taught be how to set a table and put meals together.  This is something I really enjoy doing for my family. 

  1. She accepted Christ when I was about 14, so I am very thankful for that!  Because of her transformation, I too became a Christian.  That should have been #1.  I guess I am going thru my list chronologically.     I wish we had had a closer relationship but we did the best we could do. 


Mom and I had a tough relationship in some ways.  My mom didn’t have very many friends at all, so she leaned on me for emotional strength in her marriage and personally.  I didn’t like that.  She also often had a “rejection spirit,” one where she thought so little of herself that she somewhat pushed others away. She often asked when she visited my house, “Do you mind if I use your bathroom?” I never understood that, and it irritated me.  I also didn’t like being her emotional crutch.  I loved Mom fiercely, but those two things have made me purpose to find my strength in God alone and to have many friends, other than my kids.  I think this has helped me navigate motherhood as my kids have left home…

Mom Advice
by Marcy Lytle

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