November and December are the months that are packed full of food, frantic shopping, and on yes – fun.  But that fun stuff seems to get marked off our lists first because of that mean chaser – time! 


However, if possible, for our health and the health of those we love, we need to make time to sit still and enjoy the pleasures of life.  Even if the table doesn’t look perfect, we don’t get to bake that dish, or the wrapping isn’t happening…our souls can still sit still in the simplicity of pleasure. 

We asked our panel of women to share their simple pleasures.  I hope you find time to try one of them, or make your own…



My favorite thing to do when I need to get away from it all is retreat to my small private area and watch Escape to the Country on YouTube with a warm drink by my side. I love the presenters and it's always set in a beautiful, restful spot. The English people are quirky and they love quirky houses, so it's the perfect show for me. When the episode is over and I feel relaxed and ready to get up and make plans to go to that beautiful place!

We love to take a country drive, and it doesn’t have to be far.  We just get in the car and go, stopping to take photos of wheels of hay, dilapidated buildings, and stately trees.  We look for a cute place to junk shop and fun place to eat.  Then we drive back home.  Half a day outside of town does wonders for our souls.


The one thing that comes to mind is to do a Christmas devotional or some type of advent reading each day. Last year I enjoyed Richard Rohrs “Preparing for Christmas” and it was very helpful. But I must confess, whatever I am reading…I never get very far past December 19. That last week all of my reading usually goes by the wayside. But it is helpful for those weeks between Thanksgiving and Christmas!

On the tellie:


For my relaxation, I sit down at night and watch TV with my husband. There are only a few shows we enjoy, other than the news, so I watch for movies to record. It might take us two to three nights to watch one movie depending on how late it is when we sit down but we do enjoy it. This may not seem very exciting but during this time my husband will massage my shoulders and back, so I get total relaxation!


We have only two shows that we record and watch, together.  One is New Amsterdam – it’s about a medical director of an inner city hospital that’s radical in his approach to healthcare.  And then, of course, there’s the drama among the staff.  The other is A Million Little Things.  Oh my, you’ll have to start this one from the first episode…  Both are crazy, but we like a little crazy to make us appreciate our normal.


Friends and Fall:


Every year during the fall I like to have fall days with my friends. We watch Harry Potter and old Disney movies like Halloween Town while we paint pumpkins and drink hot chocolate! And if we're lucky and it's cold enough, we even like to light a fire! 


I love to host or plan something fallish with friends – like a popcorn bar or caramel apple making fun.  I love the tastes of the season, so it’s fun to just get together and choose all sorts of toppings for a snack.  And oh, we eat this instead of dinner!



My simple pleasure is escaping to our enclosed patio and sitting and reading a magazine or just listening to my water fountain.  I have not been able to do this in such a long time because it’s been so hot!  I am looking so forward to being able to do this when it cools off.  I also like have my quiet time outside, but that too went away when it was hot! So until it cools off I go for a walk in the mornings and just try and relax and think about the day.  Walking gives me time to just think and not be disturbed by my phone or computer.  So I may just keep doing it!


Some days when I am at the computer all day long, I just need to step outside in the sunshine.  Or…I sometimes take a lunch break, grab a book and a snack, and park somewhere under a shade tree and read…and eat…all by myself.  It’s delightful.


The Porch:


My simple pleasure is…sitting on my front porch, plain and simple. Before living in the home that I do now, for years I dreamt of a front porch large enough for a myriad of potted plants of many varieties from succulents to roses along with comfortable, welcoming chairs. I have that now. I sit in my large wooden rocker, surrounded by hanging plants, potted flowers, and beds with bushes that attract butterflies as well as bees. I grab a good book and a large hot café latte. I don’t tell anyone where I am going. I shut the front door and I sit. I get to look out on a front pasture full of luscious grass and oaks where my horses contentedly graze. It’s my place of peace, my place to meet my Lord, my place to simply be me away from it all. It’s my dream come true…my porch.


Our back porch is tranquility.  There are plants, we have a fire pit, little yard decor, and even lights for ambience.  It’s my favorite spot when the temps start falling and the leaves do too!



I enjoy watching makeup tutorials on YouTube when I need a quick mental break. They completely distract me from whatever is stressing me out, and I find it kind of soothing to listen to the descriptions of the products and how to use them. Plus, I learn some cool tips & tricks!


I love watching IGTV – Instagram television – especially the styling tutorials on how to put together outfits – my fave!

A Sip of Something:


To relax I like to get a Frappuccino and watch a “feel good” TV show.  The sweetness of the coffee comforts me.  The TV show has to be something that is not suspenseful or scary and it should have a happy ending.


We purchased a huge tin of flavored teas last year for Christmas from World Market and enjoy them, especially as the temps get cooler.  We even bought a cute teapot.  Sipping one of these specialty teas in front of the fire (if it’s cold enough!) is calming and cute…especially if it’s served with a cheese board or a few snacks!


Simple Pleasures
by Marcy Lytle

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