It’s that time of year for preparing our homes for the next season, now that winter is coming to an end…and we want to start opening windows and breathing fresh air and enjoying sunshine that streams in to make us smile!  We asked our panel of readers to share with us their favorite cleaning products and why they like them.  Check out their answers and try one this season!

I have three cleaning products that are helpful.  Two make cleaning easier and the last one is helpful for the budget.  I like the Libman Wonder Mop because it is easy to ring out and the mop head is washable and/or replaceable. I love the Swiffer duster.  It makes dusting so easy. And the third product is a recipe for economical laundry detergent. It’s a little expensive at first, but lasts a long time. (see pic)

Most of my cleaners are basic name brands or Costco (Kirkland). However, I do use Meyer’s in the kitchen – love their products. So many scents and natural scents too – basil, lemon verbena, and lavender for example. They are aroma-therapeutic household products and are gentle on the home and hand.

I'm an old soul so I still prefer the old cleaners like Windex and Lysol. They've been around and worked a long time, sort of like me. 

I use the Windex Original on my windows with old newspapers to keep it from streaking and the Windex Multi-surface for my kitchen countertops with a wash rag. There are a lot of new good cleaners out there but, for me, these are tried and true! 

This one is easy. Laundry is All Free and Clear liquid, Borax and for stains, Fels Naptha bar. Dishwasher is Finish tablets. For everything else, it's a mix of white vinegar, Dawn dish soap and water in a sprayer. I also have one with just vinegar and water.  I keep Bar Keepers Friend for tough kitchen jobs but it's rare. I use Lysol wipes to spot clean the bathrooms sometimes but I do not buy any other cleaning products.

Of course, I have to give props to my mom (she owns a cleaning business!) for this one, but Dawn dish soap and vinegar works WONDERS for the toilet and shower/bathtub! You just put half and half in a spray bottle and when you go to use it, lightly mix it, spray it on the surface, and scrub away! It's also non-toxic which I love so that I'm not breathing in any harmful chemicals while cleaning.

This DIY cleaning tool has simplified bathroom cleaning for both my husband and me. I’ve become more aware of harmful chemicals in a lot of pre-made products and this formula gives me peace of mind about cleaning with a little lady in the house. It includes equal parts Dawn dish soap and White Vinegar and is so versatile that I use it on every surface of the bathroom. You can even pour a little from the wand into the toilet bowl to swish around with your toilet brush! Feel free to add in a drop or two of your favorite essential oil to enhance the aroma! 

I just started using Dropps for the washer, little pods delivered in an eco-friendly box.  Mrs. Meyers is my choice for surface cleaners, Comet for the toilet.  I just use Costco dishwasher detergent and Bona as a floor cleaner! I’m trying to use products that have fewer fumes and additives. With the laundry pods, they are delivered by mail every month and there is no large plastic jug to have to dispose of afterwards.

I have ordered some of the supplies (toilet cleaner) from a company called Grove Collaborative.  They have some interesting items and I have purchased some other things from them.  I basically go back to my old standby of Bon Ami & Pine Sol.  But you can buy Mrs. Meyer's hand soap and dish soap at a lower cost.  I have tried their bamboo paper towels and toilet tissue but they just don't work for me.  Probably good for environment, but my husband refuses to use the toilet tissue!  Washer detergent is All Free & Clear, as it doesn’t irritate my husband’s sensitive skin. Finish is my choice for the dishwasher, and just a small amount of dish soap water for our floors!

I recently discovered Frey detergent for the washer. The scent is amazing, and it is concentrated, so it only takes up a little space in a small bottle with a pump dispenser.  It can be ordered online, and comes in a beautiful box.  They have other products as well, including shampoo – which I love.  There are two scents and both are awesome.


I use Method soap for dishes, because it comes in an orange hue and looks pretty on my counter – yes – that’s important!  However, it works well!  And Finish is also my choice for the dishwasher.  For surface cleaning, I use Lysol wipes.  I’m open to trying something new, though!

Gain is my detergent for the wash, because it smells so good, and I love Dawn pods for the dishwasher – it’s a super anti-greaser!  I use Thieves (from Young Living) for almost everything, as a daily cleaner for the bathroom and the kitchen.  It smells amazing and is made with essential oils, so I fell as if it’s a healthier choice.  SOS pad are great for scrubbing hard spots, and I mop our hardwood floors with Old English!  I use Swiffer sheets for quick cleanings. The toilet?  I like the Clorox toilet cleaner with bleach.

Spring Cleaners
by Marcy Lytle

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