Back when I was writing articles for this magazine through the lens of a single parent, I wrote one about using prayer like duct tape, a temporary fix in emergency situations. Below is how I ended that article.

So to turn my duct tape prayer life into a prayer warrior all I really have to do is stop creating a prayer life in pieces that are bound together in crisis. All I have to do is stay engaged in continuous prayer for my life and the lives of my children and the lives of other Christians around the world. I am now a prayer warrior, a member of God’s holy army.

That article was written two years ago this month. Wow! I wish I could say that making the decision to become this fierce prayer warrior was as easy as writing about it. I can say that in time I have learned a lot.

  1. God is not sitting in heaven playing chicken with me and my prayer life. He isn’t seeing who will blink and give up first.

  2. My prayer life is not some marathon that I engage in until I give up and quit, because God has not answered yet.

  3. He is not waiting for me to cross some arbitrary mark before He answers.  HIS Word releases His power and authority in a situation.

  4. There is no such thing as critical mass for him, He is not waiting around saying He will let the situation go just a little bit further and then He will answer.

  5. He does not want His children to spend one second in sin off track wondering if He is real and if He will ever hear our cry.  No, He is a compassionate God, who loves us and wants to see us grow in the fullness of who HE is.


As Christians, when we are interceding for one another, we are not fighting the person we are in prayer for. We are not fighting against flesh and blood, but against principalities and the ruler of darkness. Here is the thing, though: he is ALREADY DEFEATED. We just have to stand by faith on that truth and send the enemy packing. We do that by praying God’s word over the situation. The enemy has to flee and has to flee right then. The divine truth is we have to learn how to pray IN line with God’s word. That is the path that I am traveling in my evolution into a mighty prayer warrior.


In the following example I share how this can look:


I have spent the last three days searching for an issue that was causing my report to not generate the data I wanted it to. The most important thing to do in situations like this is to isolate the problem. Once the problem is isolated a solution can be deployed, which is easier said than done. To do this, I had to examine every aspect of the report and the logic I had written. When I came upon something that I thought was the issue I wrote logic to fix it, and for three days I deployed many solutions I THOUGHT would fix the issue. However frustrating it was, each time I failed I learned something; each time I failed I was able to actually hone in closer to what the real problem was.

As Christians we all too often see unanswered prayer as a failure.

In my evolution into a prayer warrior I too walked with that mentality, but I just felt the Spirit continue to draw me deeper into understanding of why my prayers were not answered. I remember talking to a dear friend and mentor about the generic “…not my will, but Your will be done” mantra that we as Christians all too often fall into. I just felt that at some point we should KNOW what that will actually is. The word of God tells us that we HAVE to pray the will of God and as Christians we know that the will of God is His word. I have looked at the examples provided in His word by Jesus and the disciples and I see very specific word and/or instructions in their lives. Most of the healings Jesus performed came with instructions. How did he know to tell the blind man to wash his eyes in that specific river and not just at home or at the nearest place to get water? He knew because He heard His Father’s voice. I have come to desire that in my life, but in order to achieve it, I have to do as I did with my report. I have to press in and keep going after the right word for my prayer situations.

If I want what Jesus and the disciples had (and I do!) I have to seek, trust and lean into God the way they did. I have to learn to not only hear when God is drawing me near, but be obedient to go into the Holy of Holies and spend that time with Him. I have learned that for me it was not a simple to do thing.

It was again similar to my report example. I had to learn the new code I am using on my own about a year and a half ago and the skills I have now are so much better than what I started with, but there are so many ways I can get better. My evolution into a prayer warrior has provided me with spiritual understanding that I did not possess when I started and there is so much more I look forward to God sharing so much more with me.

Warrior Evolution
by Erica Simmons

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