I’m all about cozy, aren’t you? 


Snuggly blankets, warm and soft sweaters, cozy shoes with a little fur tucked inside, and a warm cup of hot tea…all by the flickering fire.  We absolutely love fires in the fireplace, because they’re not that often here where I live.  So when the temps fall below 50 we’re on it!  What about you?  Are you looking for cozy this season?  I forgot to mention cozy sleepwear! 

Here are seven little cozy additions you might want to add to your wardrobe this month of the cold weather season:

Maybe you received some cozy pieces for Christmas under the tree…or maybe not.  Maybe you got a gift card! 


Go out this month and buy one piece for yourself that speaks your  name and calls you to the fire to sit, or out in the cold to shop for sales…all while comfy and warm!

Those PJ's
After Christmas, you can snag some real deals on cozy sleepwear, especially at Target. I love this plaid set! And if you buy some, you can wear them now, and then again next winter when Christmas comes ‘round again!
Snow Booties
We rarely have snow here, but I’m really loving this pair of fur-lined booties/shoes to wear in the house on cold mornings or to sit outside sipping tea, if it’s not too chilly. Aren’t they cool? There are several colors and styles to choose from, from Amazon.
Cozy Blanket
This blanket is a little pricey, but we’re hoping it will be on sale in January. It landed on a top cozy blanket list, and it’s from Crate and Barrel. Don’t you LOVE the stripes! It would look amazing over the back of your sofa!
Sweater Weather
This pullover sweater by New Day is so cute and I really like this color, but there are others to choose from as well! It’s got that assymetrical hemline and being oversized, it’s sure to be comfortable!
Sherpa Coat
Okay, I have one of these, and they’re not easy to clean. However, they are amazingly soft and cozy, and this price point at Target is awesome. So snagging one, even just to wear this season, might be a fun buy!
Comfy Pants
Jogger pants with pockets in black, are the best. You can dress them up and wear them shopping, or just sit on your sofa and read all day. This pair got great reviews. I love the look!
Around the Neck
Cozy and gray just go together like peanut butter and chocolate. I love this plaid scarf from Target, and it’s got a few strands of light blue, so can be worn on into the early spring. It’s not too thick or bulky so that it’s uncomfortable, but it looks just right!
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Comfy and Cozy
by Marcy Lytle

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