Well I’m ready for a New Year! 2019 has not been my favorite.


I don’t think I’m usually one to focus on the negative, but this year has been a bit rough, from health problems to financial issues and so on. I’m ready to move on! I won’t go into detail of all the negatives but there are some positives that are coming out, as a result of the pain. We have definitely been a family that has been praying and seeking God more than ever before. And the boys have been in on this! They are seeing God work in amazing ways as He takes us through all of this drama.


One huge event that just took place was my mom unexpectedly having a triple bypass last week. This was a huge shock to all of us, including my mom. We had no idea, and she had no symptoms. But in the light of it all, what a miracle that she was going in for a regular doctor’s visit and he was able to catch the problem before something major happened! She is still in for a long recovery but we are truly blessed that she is back at home healing up great!

So how does this all apply to tiny living?


I have pretty much taken on the stay-at-home mom role (even though I do work two days a week outside our home). With my mom being in the hospital for so long, I was gone a lot. My hubby has continuously told me I need to let the kids take on more responsibilities. I was not ready for that because, truly, if it didn’t go how I wanted it to, I’d end up having to fix it or spend more time on something that was just way faster for me to do! And really how many chores can one have in 325 square feet?


With me out of commission for quite some time, boy did our boys learn some responsibilities! So much so that when I got back into the swing of things here, they basically tattled on daddy and said how much he made them do!


So for those living tiny, there are many chores your kiddos can do (at the appropriate age):


·         They helped fold and put away laundry, stripped their sheets off their bed and put fresh ones on.


·         They were able to make their own snacks and lunches.


·         They blew leaves off our outdoor mat and vacuumed my car.


·         Their school and bible work was done way ahead of time.


·         They set out their own clothes for the morning.


·         They helped with all the doggie stuff, which they generally do anyway.


I’ve been listening to some podcasts that have focused on having our kids do more so that we can train them to be healthy, happy adults and this gives us back time. Well now with these new things the boys can do, I feel like I bought back a lot more of my time! I’m not super excited that we had to go through the craziness of my mom’s surgery, but I am grateful that goodness came out it!

Tiny Living may mean smaller chores, but still there are chores to be done and its super nice to have my tiny helpers pitching in!


Remember love grows best in tiny spaces.

They Did It!
by Leyanne Enterline

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