My boys are ages 13 and 11. I feel we have had a unique upbringing for our kiddos so we may not fit in the “typical” way to raise your kids but I’ll share our journey, in case you’re new to this column.


We lived the American dream of owning our own house, two nice cars, traveling some, with two parents working outside the home. As the kids started getting older we thought,


“What are we doing? Is this how we want to live our lives?

Working to survive and pay high prices to keep up with the Jones’? No!”


My husband had started traveling more with his job and we home school, so we thought, why not travel with him? Why not sell pretty much everything we own, buy a travel trailer and travel the world? Sounds adventurous and fun, right? Well that’s what we thought and we’ve been doing just that for the past four years!


We bought some land as a home base and pretty much just started traveling. The kiddos were 7 and 9 when we literally sold all we had, except for a few things we put in a storage container, and bought our 325 sq. ft. home. We have lived in it so long that even the other day I mentioned something about a dresser; and my kids didn’t even know what that was! They don’t even remember having an actual home to live in…

Many of our friends, that home school as we do, are somewhat like-minded. Several travel and live a bit more simply than most, it seems.

A lot of us have a few acres so we can have animals and let the kiddos run free and explore. Many of us have our own gardens and eat a more simple diet. We love this life and wouldn’t have it any other way.


Was it hard to go away from the trek most follow? Yes.


Do we constantly question ourselves and wonder if this is the way for us? Yes!


But for now, tiny living is working and we have a tribe that think like we do and that keeps us going on this crazy, adventurous path that we never could’ve guessed we be on!


I love that my kids can have the space and time freedom to explore. They have a love and respect for wildlife and creating their own adventures outside daily. They have an entrepreneurial spirit and are constantly trying to figure out how they can use their hands to create something new. From handmade bows and arrows to fishing lure making, or just plain digging a hole, they are truly in their element and using God’s gift of creation for us to enjoy. I have learned to learn through the eyes of a child.


When we first told our kids of our adventure my youngest said,


“We won’t have a backyard while we travel? Oh! I know! The whole world is our backyard!”


That brought tears to my eyes as I thought, Yes!


Yes, it is!

The Low Down
by Leyanne Enterline

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