Tiny living during the world crisis has been a bit interesting, to say the least. There have been many positives along with the negatives. We had been on the road so much that it had been nice to be back in our tiny space.


Since the stay-at-home order has been in place, we have had plenty of time to reorganize, de-clutter and get some yard work done! The boys have made it their goal to go fishing every day, so we’ve been able to get outside as much as we can. This has been nice, since the weather has warmed up! We are trying to keep getting that vitamin D!


The boys’ school has not changed much, as we were still doing lessons while we were on the road. And since all get-together classes have been put off for now, we have continued with our schooling as if we were on the road! I have the boys document their thoughts on the quarantine, as hopefully they’ll never experience anything like this again.


It will be neat to look back on it and see all that God brought us through!

The biggest downside to our quarantine has been that both Brian and I have lost our jobs for the time being. We know we will get them back eventually, but we have absolutely no idea when that time will come. We have frantically been applying at different places, but with so many layoffs it’s hard to find someone that is hiring! I think it has slowed down even at our local grocery stores, because we have not received a call back from them either…


Literally, all we can do is trust in God.


With no income coming in, we are beginning to get a bit stressed. We are beyond grateful to have our health, though! We are praying that staying at home works to get everybody healthy and back to normal again. It definitely makes me think of all the things we took for granted! Even toilet paper! In no way, in a tiny trailer, can we be hoarders, so it’s been difficult when people are frantically buying up things. We don’t have the space or the money now to stock pile. Praise the Lord, I had actually bought a larger package of toilet paper than normal (because that’s all I could even get!) so we are good for a tiny bit longer.


We are praying so hard for healing of our people and our land quickly. We pray that we all learn something through all of this and become closer as families and friends. Definitely, we can’t take life (or toilet paper) for granted. 


Remember. Love grows best in tiny spaces! 

All We Can Do
by Leyanne Enterline

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