2020! Here it is!

My husband said to me, “It’s gonna be a year of clarity!” I thought that was genius, but he said he’s pretty sure that’s what everyone is saying. 2020 vision!

Like I mentioned last month, 2019 has been a roller coaster of emotions for us. Instability, too many decisions that are not clear, losing focus, isolation, sickness...

But also, exciting adventures have happened!

As I type this, we are headed back from a two week trip to California and Hawaii! I cannot complain! But so much “baggage” came with this trip. I heard someone once say, “There’s a curse that comes with every blessing.” I thought that sounded kind of contradictory, but the more I think about it, that may be right.

I’m so thankful for my husband’s job that allows us to go with him sometimes on trips, but on the flip side there’s a lot of travel time that we’re apart. And that part I don’t dig. We’ve basically come to the conclusion that we can’t do that anymore. So unless it’s a super short trip, the kids and I will start going on every trip Brian has to go on, or he doesn’t go.

Some people can handle the long separations, but for our family it doesn’t work. Maybe the tiny trailer living has drawn us so close that when one is missing we feel like we’ve lost our arm or leg. We just can’t do it anymore.

Through the separation times; however, we have learned so much about each other and how the separation has drawn us closer…and closer to God.  We truly have to rely on Him when we’re apart.

I have to do a lot of praying (not to pull my hair out) when dealing by myself with two children, two dogs, school, sports, and my own work.  I truly have an appreciation for single parents. It’s tough! God designed us to raise these kiddos together and I see why!

It’s the same with Brian. Being on the road with a group of people who do not have similar beliefs can be a challenge. So lots of prayers, encouragement and accountability are a must between the two of us.

I feel like 2019 was a time of growth and now we’re ready to reap the benefits and take what we’ve learned and put it into practice and grow stronger together. Praying for 2020 vision for everyone!

This will be the year of clarity!


by Leyanne Enterline

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