We’re closer to spring! Praise the Lord!

I am a Texas girl and love our HEAT! I feel like this has been a pretty chilly winter!

With the cold weather comes our wars with the heater in our tiny space. The boys and I are pretty cold natured and Brian is always HOT! So we have some problems. I keep the heat on all day if we’re at home which causes our propane to run out (of course, in the middle of the night) so we are all icicles until Brian decides to go out and change the tank. I feel horrible that he has to do that. Just like sickness with kids happens in the dead of night, why does the propane tank run out in the middle of the night, too?

Brian told me, “No more heater all day!” He said I needed to get those space heater things instead. Not to mention the fact that propane is not cheap when you have to buy it every other week! This is a pain in the butt. Brian has to load up three large tanks and haul them over to the gas station and pray that someone wants to come out and fill them up. If there is the slightest bit of precipitation or if it’s before 10am or after 5pm, or the weekend, they won’t fill it. We have to hit the timing just right.

So…space heaters we got!

We have three of them, and all three of us (besides Brian) are almost sitting on top of them in the mornings. I am afraid one of us is going to get electrocuted or catch on fire! We need to scoot back! We try to dress in layers with thick socks and beanies, but that’s quite a bit to put on when we first wake up. The heaters are plugged in immediately, instead. I also sleep with ski socks, heating pad and a heated blanket. For real, people, it’s that cold! I guess it’s because a trailer is not quite insulated like a house is, so it does not stay warm.

To all that I say, “Please Lord, bring our heat back again! I love it and will not complain about our 100 degree days!”

Ready for Heat
by Leyanne Enterline

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