It’s been a while since we shared some favorite products that we’ve been using and enjoying for a while, and some are new ones just discovered during all of this time of being at home more, and shopping on line!  I love hearing what others have bought, created, or done during these past few months.  And since summer is in full swing now, I thought it would be fun to share with you some cool things…just in case you’re already doing some Christmas shopping…in July!

JR Watkins lotion – I ordered this peppermint scented body lotion and LOVE IT.  Not only does the tingly peppermint smell good, it feels good, as well. And the lotion is just the right thickness (not too greasy or too watery – you know what I mean!).  It’s a keeper in my stash of potions!  We bought the foaming hand soap as well, and love it too. 

Elf eye shadow and powder – Yes, this makeup is cheap, but I like it.  I know some of the products are used up quickly, because there’s not much too them, but I like that.  I can afford to try a new product and see if I like it, which I have liked quite a few of these!  This cute eyeshadow palette, and the pressed powder, are two of my faves.

Epoch hand sanitizer by Nuskin – My daughter sells these products and they just came out with the hand sanitizer.  What I love is the scent (most sanitizers smell awful!) and the size of these little bottles that are easy to carry in my purse.  They come in a pack of five, so I can keep one in so many places.  It only takes a little dot, to go a long way. 



Tablecloth clips – For me, these are a must for outdoor dining.  We used them on a recent trip with our kids, as we ate out on the patio every meal.  Not only are they cute, but they are just weighty enough to keep all of our tablecloths from blowing up over the table (I hate it when that happens!) These are from Amazon.


Sprinkler Ball – We found this on Amazon as well, and it’s so big and looks so pretty as it spouts a huge sprinkle out over the lawn!  It’s a great addition for your backyard for kids to run and play and cool off on a hot summer day.


Fun paper plates – I’ve started stocking up piles of cute paper plates and napkins – mostly from the Dollar Store – but other stores as well – when I see them.  It makes snack night at home, or even a romantic dinner for two, so fun when cute little summer colors and shapes are set on your tray or table!

Paddywax candles – I’ve sang their praises before, but I really do love these candles.  They’re long burning, smell great, and come in all sorts of cute jars.  I chose these two scents for summer, in their apothecary jars.


Glass storage containers – I keep these containers in my fridge all the time for cut up celery, leftovers, cucumbers, any small portions that I want to keep and keep fresh.  They are super air tight and keep things fresh longer.  I got them as a gift, and they’re great!


Pretty Planter – Smith & Hawkens brand at Target always has nice things for the home, and we recently found these stately planters with self watering troughs in the bottom.  Aren’t they pretty? We purchased them for our church’s porch and they look so nice by the benches!


Fun to Buy
by Marcy Lytle

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