I’m not a big lover of the whole farmhouse décor, but I do like some pieces of it.  I also enjoy part of the industrial look and mid-century modern.   I’d say I like a mix of a lot of types of décor.  And I have noticed the trend of hanging words on our walls! 


Phrases, sayings, or just one word all displayed in fancy fonts adorn bedrooms and family rooms, and kitchens and more!  I recently added a few words of my own to my walls, and I’ve asked a few friends to share as well:

In the bathroom:  I decided to change out a small piece of art seasonally, or perhaps even monthly.  But the one I’ve chosen right now has a single balloon with the phrase “Let it go” written – to read when my guests enter.  There’s no pun intended, but there could be, if we wanted a laugh.  It’s just a gentle reminder to let worries go, floating up to the sky to Him, the keeper and healer and protector of all things precious to our lives.

In the kitchen:  “Choose happy” caught my eye and I hung this piece of art right above my rolling cutting board cart, where I could see it each morning when I rise.  I need this reminder, and so do a lot of us, because our default is grumpy. 

Above your photos:  It’s fun to hang family photos, but with added words, it creates a warm feeling for each one when they view them!  Check out this trio holding the kiddos, with “God gave me you” printed above.  The kids and the parents are reminded of God’s blessings.

On your mantel:  Often it’s nice to set a grouping on the mantel, with one being word art.  Calming words, truth, and reminders are great – especially in different seasons or for holidays!  Isn’t this “Be at Peace” so pretty for a cozy room? Or “Grateful” speaks volumes, especially during the weeks leading up to Thanksgiving.

Pillow talk:  Just one pillow for your sofa or on a bench can speak volumes, sometimes funny sayings!  I read recently that the “Let’s Stay Home” pillows have lost their appeal for sure!  But we love our “I Love Us” pillow, and “I Can’t People Today” is just plain honest!

Those letter boards:  Have you seen the letter boards where you can switch out and create your own sayings?  I have one hanging in my kitchen, and this one is above a coffee bar station in a young mom’s house.  So cute!

Cross stitch: Did you know this art form is making a comeback?  Stitching simple words or images and framing them makes for a super sweet wall!  Memorable occasions or family images are the best.

Front and Center:  Maybe you have an entire saying you’d like to present in your home, and it can sit on your mantel, surrounded by other décor.  We recently saw this one at a holiday festival. 

Written on Paint:  The actual words don’t have to be framed…they can be part of the wall!  I love these ideas where it looks as if someone took a pen and wrote a note to the family!

Family sentiment: If there’s a phrase, a mantra, or a verse that’s special to your family, hanging it on the wall can bring peace and comfort to the parents and the kiddos, as well!  Or if there’s one word you want to speak life to your relationships, let it sit where you can read it daily.  





Being at home gives us time to create, redecorate and think…and then present lots of words of wisdom in our homes!  We read them when we come and go.  And we never forget them and the joy and comfort that came…from words on the walls.  You don’t have to spend big bucks. You can totally make your own with some wood, metal, markers and paint!

Words on Walls
by Marcy Lytle

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