Isn’t it fun to have little tricks that you learned as a kid that serve you well as an adult?  My best trick is the way to remember how to spell separate, a commonly misspelled word for sure.  Here’s what I was told that I’ve never forgotten:  There was nothing in the house “sep a rat – e!”  (except a rat – eeekkk!)

Since it’s a new year and all that jazz, I thought it would be fun to share lots of ways and tricks to remember all sorts of things, in case you have a little time on your hands by the fire and want to take these and set them in your memory, as well!

  • Have trouble remembering how to do percentages when shopping?  Stores often provide charts but if they don’t, just remember 30% is about 1/3.  So if an item is $30 then 1/3 off would be $10!  40% sale? The easiest way is to multiply the cost by 4, for example if that same item $30 is 40% off then 3X4 = 12, so it’s $12 off! OR….take 10% and multiply that by 4.  10% of $30 (just move the decimal over one space) is $3.  $3X4 = 12!  20% is 1/5 so 1/5 of $30 is $6.  It helps to refresh your memory on math facts when shopping sales!

  • Can’t recall where you parked at the mall or in the shopping center parking lot?  Use the notes on your phone to write where you are, what row, middle or end, etc.  I try to make a mental note of where I am before entering, but sometimes it’s helpful to note it, so you can forget it while you shop! And most often, I park on the same row each time so I’m always at the same entrance.

  • One memory trick for several items, like things you need to get at the store, should you not have your phone for notes, is to make up a song!  For example, if you need milk, blueberries, and sugar, you could sing, “Twinkle twinkle blueberry, with some milk and sugar be…” or something similar.  It’s a great tool that teachers use as well, with students!  Have you heard the presidents’ song?

  • One of my pet peeves is emails that are not responded to, or texts!  I know that it happens often because we read our phone while we’re out or busy, and we forget then to respond when we have the time! Two helpful hints (besides paying for an app to remind you!): Set a time right before bed (or another down time) to respond to texts.  That way it’s a routine you keep.  The other hint is to say “Siri remind me to text at 8pm” or some other time that fits your schedule.  Your alarm will go off and you will read your text and respond (and apologize for being late!)

  • Going on a weekend getaway or trip soon?  How in the world do you remember all of the things you need?  For toiletries, pack them as you use them, the day before.  When you’re getting ready, pack all of the items you use, and the same goes for nighttime.  Then the next day when you’re getting ready to leave, you work from your packed bag and everything should be there! Write out a list of outfits for each day, including accessories. And finally, make a checklist that you keep by the bed, because you’re going to recall something right before you fall asleep! Or check out this site for a comprehensive list!

  • Finally, what about birthdays and special occasions? Of course, we can write them on a calendar in our phone or on the fridge.  But how do we remember to write them or record them?  It’s a fun thing to do January to go through each month and fill in birthdays on your calendar right then.  This way you’re not doing it month to month.  There are apps and online helps, but if you’re not into that, make it a point to do a simple fill-in at the beginning of the year.  Make a list of all your friends and family that you want to remember, and note it…in January…NOW.   A paper calendar affixed to the fridge is my fave for recording EVERYTHING.    And it saves on marriage disputes as well because it’s right there – for him to read! 

  • Just met a new person and then you walk away and forget her name?  Two things I’ve heard from friends that work are to say her name back when she introduces herself, then say it again as you walk away.  And then…again use your notes and jot it down – along with a description of who she is.  The more of your senses that you use, the more likely you’re to remember!

  • I recently read a trick for remembering to add that extra “s” when you spell dessert.  It’s not desert!  That’s a wasteland.  Dessert has a double “s” and you can remember that because desserts are So Sweet!  Isn’t that a cool trick?  And stationery with an e can be remembered by the fact that “e” is for envelope!  The other kind is stationary, and the “a” can be for anchored!  Pretty cool!

  • Losing your purse or laying it down somewhere in a store and realizing it after you walk away?  Never go shopping without a crossbody bag.  Keep it by the door to switch your purse items into, when you’re shopping.  This way your purse is on your body at all times, no chance of you leaving it in the cart or on a shelf!

  • This next trick is genius, for helping us all out with pints, quarts and gallons!  Look at this figure! 2 cups in a pint, 2 pints in a quart, and 4 quarts in a gallon!

Memory Tricks
by Marcy Lytle

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