I recently read an article and watched a video about how to use trays for decorating in your house!  I loved it and was hooked from the get-go.  I realized I had some trays I could use, and that I wanted to purchase a few more, and then set them for styling, organizing and decorating.  They work and they’re a fairly inexpensive way to re-do and up-do a room! Sure, trays are great for serving food, but they're great for so much more!

Here are a few ideas of how to use trays on your tables or shelves or counters, for a tiny little spark of something new this spring:

In a corner – In the kitchen, try arranging 3 large glass jars with neutral ingredients like pasta, popcorn or granola, and then place lemons or oranges for a final touch.  This tray I found at Target on clearance, and I love the simplicity yet prettiness of it!

Behind the sofa – We recently moved a table to right behind our sofa and I placed this tray I already had in the center, again with three items.  Three is a good number for a grouping.  This tray is from Nadeau.  They have the coolest accessories.

By the coffee pot – This tiny tray is from the dollar store and holds his morning mug and honey.  Looks cute, and stays so neat!

On top of the fridge – I found these trays at Party City for $3.99 each and use them for when we want to eat on our laps.  They hold a couple of small plates and a drink and being plain white, I can dress them up with all colors of napkins!  We just store them on the top of the fridge until we need them!

By the stove – I found this long tray at Marshalls and use it to house my olive oil and cooking utensils.  It looks so pretty sitting there, and it’s easy to move to the other side, should I need the counter space.

Against a wall – I have this large tray, cutting board, cheese board – whatever you want to call it.  It’s for décor against the wall, and we use it as a big dessert board when hosting guests for a party!  Works great!

Tiers of trays – This cute cart is also from Marshalls and it has been a dream!  The top tray is for veggies and fruit, the middle and bottom to house a few appliances so that my pantry shelves are free.

As a base – This is another board I had, and I’m using it as a tray to hold a vase, a succulent, and a candle.  I love all the wood accents in the kitchen that using wood trays and boards bring!

See what trays you already have, shop around for a few new ones, and start organizing and decorating.  See what you can do to bring a little newness to your space that makes you smile…

Tray Trend
by Marcy Lytle

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