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A Very Fun Day

We weren't quite sure how to fill this particular Saturday, but we knew we didn't want to stay home. We started the day by dropping off our kids at the airport for their vacation. But before we went, we googled walking trails near the airport and found out that...

There's a trail and a family viewing area behind ABIA - you just turn right on 71 out of the airport, go down to Golf Course Road and turn right. You'll wind past an abandoned golf course and see signs that say "Family Viewing Area." It's a long fence near the runway with benches and even a couple of picnic tables. It's not fancy, but it was delightful!

We walked around a little, watched a few planes come and go, and then...we got to see our kids' plane take off. We loved it!

I had ordered a snack/lunch online at Brentwood Social House in Austin to be picked up a bit later, so we headed to get that. If you haven't checked out their menu, do so! We chose a pretzel trio with dipping sauces, a slice of lemon cake/bread (best ever!) and lemonade. We also had packed watermelon and taken it with us, along with a small cooler of bottled water!

We pulled over in a shady spot under a tree, set up our little lunch and enjoyed every bite! We opted to hang there a while, nap, read, etc...and then...

We had heard that Amy's Ice Cream has a new flavor - chewy butter crunch! Nearby was an Amy's, so we stopped in and shared a pint of this creamy goodness (dark chocolate and toffee bits inside).

The last thing we did was drive out to Hutto (yes, we drove all over the place today!) and looked at the new construction of their CO-OP District, then drove out to New Sweden just to view one of the most photographed churches in Texas!

It turned out to be a lovely day that we planned and didn't plan, and sometimes those are the best!

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