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    Marcy Lytle


    Marcy is a former math teacher...transformed into current writer/editor. She works for PTP, a family owned magazine subscription agency.  She also writes for the Focus on the Family magazine Thriving Family.  She is married to Jon, and they have two grown children, and are now "Mister" and "Ella" three grandchildren!  Marcy's mind is constantly churning, thinking and pondering, wondering and yearning, and she can't wait to write it all down and share it with you. She is the author of three books, Catching Fireflies, Life is Fluid and Rosalee, the PW.

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    Kamrin Wolfe


    Kamrin is a graduate of the University of Texas - Austin.  She is Marcy's daughter, and the brains behind the website.  She & her husband Tyler have been married 11 years and have three children, Gideon, Ayla & August.  On top of raising her kids - her number 1 joy in life - she is busy creating her own business and running the connection ministry at her church. She also enjoys baking, web design, organizing, DIY, photography, singing , learning new things, lots of time with her family, and coffee...always coffee.

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    Carole “Lisa Lynn” Gilbert is a wife, mom, Gma, and Christian author. At the age of 50, after raising three children as a stay at home mom, God blessed her with a second career of writing and illustrating, which was a childhood passion. Her autobiography, Unraveled, Time to Tell by “Lisa Lynn” is a story of tragedy to truth and understanding God’s presence in all our situations. Her children's books include the series, Encouraging Scripture Books. According to her husband, she has a soft compassionate heart and a different way of viewing life. Her life goal is to live and share 2 Corinthians 1:3-5. To learn more, visit her website.

  • Bekah



    Bekah is a working mom, wife, daughter, sister, and friend.  This mom does her best to stay sane and awake with copious amounts of coffee...and she enjoys reading and taking long, romantic walks to the bathroom without an audience.  Bekah is also an awesome teacher of children at her church.

  • Erica



    Erica Simmons is a mother of twin - now grown -  boys, who are an inspiration to her. She is an educator who passionately cares about educating future generations, and she is an avid reader of mystery novels. Tess Gerritson is her favorite author.  Erica loves the show Castle and admires strong women. She is also the founder of Helping Hands, a support group for single parents.

  • Dina



    Dina Cavazos has four wonderfully unique and interesting adult children and one grandson.  She is a Texas native and considers Jesus her life companion and friend.  Dina is passionate about sharing God’s goodness with others, and has been working on a prayer garden in her backyard for several years – her favorite place to “hang out” with God. She just completed Master Gardener classes and is working on certification, as she loves growing things, reading, and quiet places.  She also enjoys thrift store shopping, good movies, and good food!  Dina’s life scripture is Ephesians 3:20 which has been made real to her over and over again!

  • Hannah



    Hey Hey!  My name is Hannah Bouck I am a believer, newlywed, and mama of 2 cutie pups! I am from a little bit of everywhere, but currently reside in the great state of Texas.  Want to connect?  You can find me on Instagram at @hannah_bouck or on my business account @youre_apeachco.  Hope to hear from you soon!

    -holding you close: HB

  • Leyanne



    Leyanne is happily married to Brian and they have two baseball lovin, rock and bug collecting, active boys - Asher and Eli. Brian and Leyanne were both born and raised in Austin, TX and besides a little detour to California for a few years, they have lived in Texas their whole lives and love everything Austin has to offer! They  love to find new coffee shops, hiking spots and go fishing! Leyanne is a part time hairdresser and the rest of the time focuses on homeschooling the boys and trying to figure out what to eat, with dairy and gluten allergies(a full time job itself!) Brian is an audio engineer and travels some, which sometimes allows the family to tag along! ​

  • Pam



    Pam grew up in Massachusetts and Montana. bit now resides in Texas. She still loves both the ocean and the mountains and loves to get to both states as often as possible to see her family there.  She is a mother of three boys and one little girl.  She also goes to the gym most days, which has been a great ministry for her.  Pam is passionate about helping young girls come to know how valuable they are to God. 

  • Jill



    Jill Pepper Montz runs her family’s business, the Pecan Shed, but secretly wishes she could spend all her days in bed…her flower beds that is.  Recently, she wrote her first book, My Guru Calls Me Momma, which is a memoir regarding the ups and downs of being a single parent. Check out her facebook page.

  • Kaelin



    Kaelin Scott is a wife and stay-at-home mother. She and her family live on a ranch in West Texas, where they enjoy many outdoor activities. Kaelin is an author and blogger. She believes that the written word is a powerful and effective way to share God’s love with the world. Her other interests include playing violin, reading, and fishing. She has a blog on Facebook called Faithful Mommy.

  • Angela 



    Angela Dolbear is honored to serve the Body of Christ as a worship leader and women’s ministry leader, and is the author of four novels, and a study guide for a young adult/new adult series, THE GARDEN KEY TALES, which has inspired many to a closer walk with Christ. Her latest novel, A TORMENTOR’S TALE, is a spine-tingling, skin-crawling, (biblically-researched) peek behind the veil separating the physical and spiritual worlds, to the eye-opening spiritual warfare that takes place all around us. Angela is  humbled to be a member of the Jericho Writers (named after the Jericho district of Oxford, England where they have their headquarters), and treasures their online writing help. She was a featured writer in Southern Writers Magazine.


    Angela loves mid-century style, cosmetics, fashion, and all things girly. She writes from her cozy home and studio in Nashville, Tennessee.  She loves her energetic and sweet Lab, Abby, and her awesome husband and co-worship leader Tim, who is an excellent care-giver in Angela's battle with scleroderma (she says he is cute, and a really good cook.) She's on Instagram as authorangeladolbear. Click here to visit her website.

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