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​​Just had the 'thyme' to read through your mag…WOW!!!  Love it.  Great content.  Praying for MUCH success…

- Dania Heffington -


I read the first issue yesterday and loved it! It's so refreshing to have an online magazine full of helpful, faith based advice for the whole family! Thank you Marcy Lytle for putting this together.
- Pam Throckmorton -


​Just went online and looked and read....great job, Marcy! I can't imagine how much time it took to put that together! And looking so professional!
- Yvonne Huneycutt -​


Love your magazine. It's on my Kindle carousel for easy access.
- Paula Alvelo -


I like your magazine and your writing. God has given you a true blessing. I know people all over the US, so I wanted to get the word out to people who might not know about God and the blessings he gives everyday. 
- Karen Amans -


It's a beautiful magazine, Marcy, and I enjoyed reading it.  Very fresh and personal, like a conversation with a friend over a cup of coffee on a breezy day. Congratulations on your new creation!

- Elaine Lloyd -


I always enjoy reading your writings ... they make me think.  I'm such a terrible cook - when I crack eggs into my mix, the shells shatter into tiny shards, too many for me to find.  I've spent years, chasing after little pieces, only to watch them slide right back in.  I'm such a mess - I think only Blood will wash away all the tiny, painful slivers from the mix.  Messes like me are so lucky to have Him - I could never be a good enough cook on my own.  By the way, a mention of grace in one of your writer's blogs, which I would never have read without your magazine, has already been a blessing to me.  I'm grateful.
 - Sharon Driskill -


Enjoying this so much! What fun & talent you have. Thanks for sharing.
- Jolyn Whaley Knight -


​It's awesome Marcy! I loved the story about Kai, and I was so excited to see the picture of him now, since I had followed him through Kamrin. Thanks!
- Barbara McGrath -
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