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THYME to Read

Our magazine will include the following columns,​​ for your reading pleasure. 

Check back here often,​ to see if we’ve added something new!​​


  • The Dressing (fashion, decorating, organizing…and more)

  • Seven for You (answered questions, from our panel of women)

  • Cousin Moms (Moms of 6 littles share tricks and fun!)

  • In the Kitchen (recipes of all kinds!)

  • Tried & True (traditions and/or fun ideas for the season)​​

  • Sugar & Spice (all things beauty!)

  • Practical Parenting (raising kids to be responsible, giving adults)
  • I Don’t Do Teenagers (issues from tweens to teens)

  • Tiny Living (trailer choice!)

  • A Night to Remember (devotion for the family)

  • In Each Room (decor, organization, and more)

  • Brought to Mind (objects that bring back memories)

  • Inner Strength (coming out of struggles, stronger)

  • Healthy Habits (physical and/or spiritual health)

  • Life Right Now (lessons from each day...from a teacher's view)

  • A Hopeful Heart (always a miracle in the waiting...)

  • Under Pressure (she writes sermons, we get the cliff notes)

  • Current Sightings:Movies (reviews and suggestions for you)


  • In This Together (navigating marriage and all its ups and downs)

  • Date Night Fun (practical ideas for a good time out)

  • After 40 Years (growing closer instead of apart)

  • For Better or Worse (loving and living...with kids)

  • Simple Truths (a mom with grown twins shares all)

  • Moving Forward (getting past hurts and wounds)

  • Firmly Planted (growing strong in God while gardening)

  • Unearthly Thing (a flair for the spiritual)

  • Rooted in Love (young mom life and hope in the chaos)

  • An Adage a Day (bringing back wisdom to pass on)


  • In and around Austin with and food!


  • Newly inspired thoughts updated WEEKLY on the COVER PAGE   (see the  SCROLLING MENU)             

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