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A Bundle of THYME – it’s a magazine – a ministry – a retreat – and a place we hope you’ll visit often, not just once a month when the new issue comes out. FRESH THYME is updated weekly, and there will be surveys and results for you to enjoy as well!  In every season, from childhood to adulthood and beyond...we have something for YOU.


We have a couple of new writers. Jennifer Stephens, a teacher, has a new book, and lots to share!  Michelle Lynn Schmitt is also an author and raising kids with special needs. Kaelin is a young mom that's willing to encourage other young moms! Bekah is also on our team, and writes about married life and all its struggles and glory. Erica is a single mom, full of spunk and wisdom, and she writes about single parenting now grown twins!  Pam is passionate and devoted to sharing with every woman how valuable she is to God. Kamrin is my daughter and the genius/artist behind what you see on the website – and she’s my best friend.  Dina has a desire to grow in God's love and her garden is a place for others to join her. 


Leyanne is a mom to two boys, and shares her tiny home adventures!  Jill owns a pecan farm and has so many lessons to share! And Angela is a gifted writer of all things spiritual, with a flair! She's also our beauty expert!  I, Marcy, am grateful to be a part of such an awesome group of writers, where I have the opportunity to also share my thoughts and inspirations in practical stories that hopefully make you want to read more...

Why A Bundle of THYME? I’ve always wanted to have my own magazine, since I was a teenager.  I grew up with a bundle of magazines at my disposal to read, because my mom owned a magazine subscription agency.  I often flipped through the glossy pages, lingering over the fashion trends (I love clothes!).  When I married, I found magazines to be my reading material when I only had a few minutes to sit and relax.  It was then I realized that I longed for new recipes, enjoyed stories about people of interest, found courage to try something new, and sometimes thought, “I wish I could put together a magazine!”​

I believe my years of experience editing, writing, and observing how a magazine all fits together has inspired me and given me courage to venture out on my own with A Bundle of THYME. (Thank you, Lee Eddins!)  I woke up one morning and thought of all the things I’d want to include, and realized they formed the acronym T-H-Y-M-E.  As I researched the herb thyme, I was pleasantly surprised and inspired when I read that it was offered to people in history, as a source of courage.  “That’s it,” I thought!  I couldn’t wait to begin!

​I am grateful for these women who have come alongside to share their passion and offer courage to all you readers to be real, try something new, ask your honest questions, grow in wisdom and grace, and emerge full of strength and dignity in Him...while finding the fun in life!

Marcy Lytle​


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