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A Walk around Mueller

Yesterday it was hot. And we almost opted out of a walk, but then we remembered Mueller. There's water, there are little carts of paletas, and there's always a breeze and lots of there we went.

Mueller is an area in central Austin where the old airport used to be, years and years ago. Now it's a vibrant tiny city inside of Austin with housing, eateries, a children's museum, a fun theater/eatery, playground, coffee shop, a shopping area...and this trail!

It's really a beautiful place to walk, on this granite trail. You can choose an inner or outer loop, and the beauty across the water is stunning. There are even restrooms to use before you start walking, and a free parking lot (if you can find a spot!).

This area of town is a great place for a date. Whether you just have time for a walk, or you want to sit, eat and talk, or catch a movie...this is a fun place to frequent over and over again.

We walked around, bottles of water in hand, and when we arrived back at the parking lot, I looked at him and asked, "Wanna go again?" And we did!

One of my favorite things was this tree here, with all of the initials carved on the trunk. There were several in the same area, where couples on dates stopped to make a memory.

I'm not sure it's great for the tree, but it was fun to stop and pause...take a photo...and keep walking.

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