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Bagels in the Park

We have a group of friends that we gather with often, and we decided one Saturday morning to meet for a bagel breakfast in the park. We decided that we would supply the bagels and our friends could bring the toppings...

Our favorite spot for such an outing (and a walk afterwards!) is Northeast Metropolitan Park in Pflugerville. From first looks, it just seems like a sports complex, but a few years ago we discovered a gem way in the back, away from the games. We drove all the way through the park, past the fields and past the skate park, to where a splash pad and playground sits. And there behind it we saw a path. Beyond that path is sheer beauty...

We set up our big basket of bagels that we purchased from a The Delicatessen Co (new in our little town of Pflugerville!).

We had an assortment, and they tasted OH SO GOOD! We enjoyed toppings like strawberry cream cheese, peanut butter, and lox, etc. (I particularly liked the strawberry cream cheese and peanut butter together on a strawberry bagel!).

We sat in a circle and enjoyed our breakfast, and then opted for a walk down through the trees, through a pecan grove, and back. Along this path are the remains of an old equestrian farm where horses were trained. It's really a lovely walk, and one of our favorite trails!

Thinking of getting together with friends? Try this idea and enjoy.

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