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Classic Films

There are a couple of very old theaters in downtown Austin on Congress Avenue, not far from the capitol building, The Paramount, and the State Theater. The Paramount looks like the old theaters in the movies, with balconies, ornate decor, etc. - it's just magical inside. The State has been modernized but still has the feel of the old theater days.

Both of these movie houses show classic films in the summer, and we love attending them. They post the list of all the movies, so it's easy to pick and choose which ones to see. AND one ticket is good for a double feature, very often! Besides that, you can buy a whole pack of 10 tickets at a great reduced price from the ticket office. It's so easy to use 10 tickets, especially if you go with another couple.

So...last weekend we went to see 400 Blows, and old black n white film from 1959. Check out the entire list of movies here. We parked in a garage around the corner, and The Paramount ticket office will give you a voucher for $5 parking (good all day) when you get your tickets...which is fantastic for hanging around downtown after the movie is over!

Here are the pros of going to this old theater in the summer:

The AC works great

The atmosphere escorts you back to the times the old films were made

They sell snacks just like a regular theater

The walk downtown is so fun - to stroll the capitol grounds, hit a few shops, people watch or walk all the way over to 2nd Street for shopping and coffee, or for dinner! But all of that for another blog entry!

Here is the one con:

The seats are small and there is no place to put your drinks or snacks. But hey, it's the days of old style, so just embrace it, right?

We bought a packet of 10 and have used 4 so far. There are so many types of films to choose to see, and we can't wait to invite someone else to join us soon.

By the way, the pic here of our feet up on little cushy ottomans is from the Austin Public Library downtown, which is also a great place to hang out on a hot afternoon!

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