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Date Down the Road

Wimberley, Texas made it on the list of the most charming cities to visit, state by state. I’m not sure I would have picked it as my most charming Texas town, but I see why many like it. We made a trip there this past Saturday, mainly to see a play.

Wimberley isn’t too far from Austin at all. It’s bustling with people, there’s the famous Blue Hole, lots of eateries and shops, and then of course the river (which flooded a few years ago – catastrophically!). There are also a few theaters there, and we headed down that way to The Wimberley Players, to see the play Proof.

We arrived about 3pm and decided to walk the main part of the town and visit the stores. It was fun popping in and out of them, but there wasn’t much I was interested in purchasing. We did buy some honey and some incense, and not much else. The clothes in the stores were not my style, and the home furnishings were a little too – well – not my style either.

One thing we immensely enjoyed was sitting on one of the many art benches by the river, while we read and relaxed on a perfect, breezy, spring afternoon. The river really is lovely in Wimberley.

We opted for dinner at Kimberly’s in Wimberley, and sat on the patio. He had shrimp pasta, and I had BBQ chicken pasta. Both were tasty, and the service was great. We sat outside at a table for two.

We had a bit of time to drive around before the play, so we drove just outside town up into the hills. Actually, it was a small mountain! There was this fantastic view, too!

The Wimberley Players playhouse looked fairly new and had a great auditorium where all seats were great. The play was fantastic, as was the acting. There were a few concessions offered, but nothing that really interested us. (That means there was NO popcorn!)

I know lots of folks that visit this area love Wimberley. I do like their market days they host once a month, and it’s a fun place to visit once in a while for a special event or for the theater. Walking around is fun, eating, and sitting by the river, but not for serious shopping…in my opinion.

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