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Dripping Springs

I am a native Austinite, I've driven through the little community of Dripping Springs so many times, and never knew they had revitalized their cute downtown area by using the old old buildings there. We were headed to Johnson City and decided to stop in Dripping instead, and see if there was anything "new." We saw the historic district sign and were pleasantly surprised at the view and the fun that awaited us!

The historic district is now full of the cutest shops, coffee shop, eateries, vintage markets, etc. and they're all decorated, curated and built in a way that makes you want to linger for hours. We only had an hour, so we power shopped...and loved it!

We definitely want to go back!

We first stopped at the coffee shop of course, then went on our way to several shops. We found a vintage elephant planter, two really cute necklaces, soap and lotion, and a pumpkin macchiato candle! (Shhh...that's a gift).

We parked at one end of the district and walked. Every place had pumpkins and fall decor, which made it all so fun.

After we left there, we drove to Sky Cinema - a cool theater with delicious snacks to order, an outdoor seating area, a walk up bar, and music! It might be my favorite theater, now. There's even a basket of "lawn blankets" for the fall season arriving this week (we're late, here in Texas.)

Before we watched the movie, we visited a couple of shops in that center, as well. Breed & Company is a huge hardware store that has so much MORE than hardware. We found some cute kids' gifts and are going to try a new detergent that SMELLS amazing by Frey.

Dripping Springs is a great place to spend an afternoon and evening relaxing, sipping, shopping, and movie watching.

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