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Family Fun in a Flash

We really thought Father's Day gathering wasn't going to happen, but on Father's Day morning everyone was well, tests were back and they were negative, and we got a call that they kids could come at 11:45 and it was 9:00 am!

Food was the first thing to take care of, and Smoky Mo's BBQ was great - have you had their brisket? They also have mac/cheese, which they kids LOVE! They were open early and we were able to order a great spread of choices of meat and sides!

Next, the kids said they could hang here for a few hours - so what were we going to do? I'm a planner, and this threw me for a loop! I looked in our stash and put on my thinking cap (my mom always said to do that). Here's a few items we had and decided to lay out for fun:

A headband game - the kids place in a card and have to ask questions to guess what animal or place or person they are...It was hilarious! I've linked one here, but you maybe able to still find it at the Dollar Store where I got ours.

A chain game - We had purchased some chain (the kind you hang from a ceiling fan) and cut into yard size pieces, and each one could then make shapes from their pieces and we could all enjoy. We got the chain at Hobby Lobby.

Girl talk - The girls separated (at the 7 year old's request) and we had girl talk on the bed in our bedroom, and I'm not sure what the boys did. This is a freebie and was SO FUN.

Apples/caramel and chocolate chips (and popcorn!) - this was the snack hit while we watched Detective Pikachu!

Mail - One child gave each person a card and asked them to write a note to someone in the room and then she delivered them in her felt mail pouch (from Target.) They were so encouraging and fun! Not sure Target has these now, but you could totally use envelopes and a tote bag!

We even had a YELL card game we never got to....basically you have letters of the alphabet and topics, and you yell out answers.

It all worked out. It was too hot to play outside, so we hung out in the AC and had a great time after all...without planning ahead.

Whew. I loved it all, as well.

(Ha, they don't look so happy here, but they were thinking...)

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