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Music on the Green

We went with another couple, but I'm filing this under family and friends, rather than date night, because it's so fun to go with others. With kids...or without. There are a few more Sundays left for the symphony on the green in downtown Austin on the green hillside in front of The Long Center. The schedule runs through August 25.

One section of the Austin Symphony shows up and offers a FREE concert at 7:30 p.m. People start showing up an hour early to get a spot. And don't let the summer heat keep you away. There's always a breeze and it's totally worth the heat, to stay and listen until the sun sets across downtown. Spectacular views. And so many people come!

We take a big blanket, our chairs, and picnic food. There is parking near by, across the street, or in a garage. Kids dance on the lighted stage in front, couples visit, parents fly kites with their kids, and there is every age present from infant to the older crowd. It's a great place to people watch or make new friends, as well!

This particular Sunday we heard the brass section, and we enjoyed olives/cheese/bread and ham sandwiches, with mixed nuts and chocolate and cookies for dessert!

We stayed after the symphony finished (they played almost an hour!) and watched the lights on the downtown buildings come on in the dark, as the sun beautifully set behind us.

When we left, we drove through Sandy's Frozen Custard (an Austin icon!) right down the street and got a vanilla cone - the best in the city!

It's so fun, it's a must-do before summer is over!

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