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Neighborhood Walks

It was a Sunday morning and it had just rained, so it was so nice outside. And since it was the weekend before the 4th of July, we opted to enjoy a walk through a neighborhood where we happened to notice there were lots of flags blowing in the wind for the holiday coming up. It was the neighborhood in the Harris Park area of Central Austin.

First, we stopped at a new coffee shop near us called Malone Coffee. Then we drove over to the area of town we were going to walk, and we parked. Camera in hand, and sometimes his hand in mine, we walked several streets.

This neighborhood is old, the houses are huge, and the architecture and landscapes are so pretty. We both said it was one of our most fun outings, partly because it felt like we'd stepped into another era, but also because the trees were huge and stately. They made the area beautiful!

We also felt so proud to see the American colors hanging on the houses or sitting near benches, or blowing in the wind. It just felt good and right and peaceful.

I'm thinking that come fall, we'll be in that area or another neighborhood, to walk and see pumpkins and then later to view the twinkly lights of the holiday season. It's so fun to head outdoors, walk around for exercise and fun, and to look up and out and smile together.

It's so simple, yet it's so fun, when it's all over and done. Happy 4th! I hope you get out to see what's in other neighborhoods away from where you live, this week, and in every change of season!

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