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Out on the (Small) Town

We live in Pflugerville but usually head to another area for date night. However, this particular Friday evening we stayed local, and it was great fun!

First, we met friends at Me's Cajun, a new restaurant in the old downtown area of our little city (a suburb north of Austin). We ordered at the counter and chose to sit upstairs on a balcony area. He got a shrimp/catfish platter and I added fried pickles and mac/cheese. Yep, it's a fried food kind of place. Everything was super tasty. There's a nice outdoor patio, too!

Secondly, we discovered a brand new walkway created and placed and designed by the good people of our little city - and it was awesome! A sidewalk was laid, and really cool benches and seating areas were strewn about.

There was a permanent photo booth, musical features, a stage, a stone checkers board, garden boxes and a huge chalk board for message writing. We definitely want to go back when we have time to sit and stay a while. It really does beautify the downtown!

Lastly, we drove over to Pflugerville Parkway to Frost Bites. It's an ice cream/shaved ice place that we thought was only a drive-thru. Who knew there was indoor seating with a 50's diner vibe? We didn't! Their menu selection of shave ice flavors was super long, and they serve all sorts of treats and desserts, and fun foods.

We opted for a red booth, near Betty Boop, and had great conversation - while I slurped my strawberry pick from the list.

If you're anywhere near us, make your date night these three stops and you'll really be pleased...and enjoy a night out on the town! Small town...that is. :)

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