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Simple Sunday Stroll

Updated: May 8, 2019

One thing we both love to do is to find new parks with trails for walking. One such trail that we love and we frequent is the trail near the park in Wells Branch in north Austin…or Pflugerville…not sure which!

It’s a really big park with a nice trail around it, one that crosses over to Mills Pond. There are benches, lights for evening walks, beautiful stately trees, and more.

The path is granite, so it’s a super easy trail. The pond is really the highlight. There was someone fishing.

There were swings on the trail, and it was so tempting to stop and just park there…right? We passed a beautiful field of wildflowers, too.

And a creekbed/waterfall that is normally dry was running – and it was so nice!

White & Black Tablecloth
(Tablecloth @fivebelow | Trays @dollarstore)

This particular Sunday evening, we packed a small picnic in our cooler from World Market. Inside we used a three sectioned plastic tray to serve olives on picks, nuts, and cheese. We also had a small mason jar with pretzels, and a few shortbread cookies we had made earlier in the week! And bottles of water, of course!

After our walk, we carried our cooler over to this lone picnic table (you’ll need to pick this one if you go!). It’s off the trail, across a bridge, on a tiny hill under a huge tree – so picturesque!

Wells Branch - North Austin

We had packed a gray/white tablecloth and included gray bandannas for napkins! We set up our spread and enjoyed our small feast. We even had a stranger join our table – a new friend we met from Sri Lanka – and offered him a cookie!

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