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Taco Date

It's easy to use YELP or the internet and other sites to find out the best food joints in your area, and Austin is no exception. We wanted to find the best tacos in North Austin, so YELP provided us with a list! We decided on six stops, but only made it to three because we were too full! But we did end up at one more place before the date was over...

Our first stop was Taco Miendo, in a gas station. He ordered Asado Pork and I had Taco Vaquero. Both were super delicious, and the hot sauce had a nice kick! The people that opened this place are from Mexico and have been very successful. We enjoyed talking to their kids, the ones working that day!

Our second stop was Yucatan Tacos where I got the MOST amazing veggie taco ever - and the lady there makes her own corn tortillas which are the best I've ever had. Jon agreed! It is beside a gas station, along with a couple other trucks, but this one has a few tiki umbrella tables on which you can sit and dine, if you wish! These were our favorite!

Our third stop was 3 Hermanas, and I suppose we ordered the wrong taco, but it was barbacoa - and it was way too greasy! Maybe we will try another option next time.

We wanted to stop at Papalote but were too full. It's an actual taco house, so that might be an option for you, should you choose to do this fun date!

We were full but wanted to clear our palate, so we stopped at Amy's Ice Cream on Research for a tiny scoop. There's a full playground out back, should you have kids in tow! I opted for vanilla with snickers bar on top, and he got some sort of ice cream with liquor, pretzels and chocolate in it!

This was a fun date, and we said we are going to do it again and again, as there are SO MANY food options across Austin!


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