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The Beltonian

Have you heard of the Beltonian Theater in Belton, Texas? It’s back open and so cute! It’s a very old theater downtown and it’s been restored, they have a food menu, and they play classic movies at a fraction of the cost of the big theaters! ($5.40!)

We took some friends and went last weekend to see Streetcar Named Desire in this old theater. The seats have a long table in front of them (much like Alamo Drafthouse) and the theater itself is on an incline and long, and narrow. Very cool lobby, and a concession/food stand await, just inside. And outside the marquis is so inviting!

We opted for the Kevin Bacon Sliders (yes, the menu items have fun names like that!) They were very flavorful, and the fries were super tasty! They bring the food to you, in the theater.

We saw that they also have kids movies for a buck! And lots of fun events from time to time.

This past Saturday happened to also be their market days, and the entire area was line with vendors – some really nice clothes in some of the booths! I want to go back when we have more time to browse, but we bought some homemade marinara sauce and pasta I can’t wait to try!

Belton is not far away, and we’ve gone there a few others times and shared, as well. There are places to eat, a cool department store, and a stroll by the creek/river that’s fun, as well.

Love the Beltonian, and will be back!

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