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Two Days with One

Sometimes we have all three kids, and sometimes we just have one. Having one, we can spoil a bit more, and this two-day adventure wasn't cheap...but it was a fun splurge and we loved it all.

Augie's older siblings were at camp, so we gave Augie his own couple of days where it was all about having a good time!

We have a play area in the garage where we set up puzzles and actually surprised him with an early Christmas gift - a Pokemon set. After all, it was July! That's what he did upon arrival, for a bit.

His favorite restaurant is Subway so we headed there for lunch, and then to Monster Golf in Round Rock. They had "Christmas in July" as well, with twinkle lights, a tree, and mounds of "snow" as we played. And laser tag came with the ticket as well. And then, of course, the games! It was a hot summer day, so indoors in the dark with Christmas lights and treats - was a blast!

On the way home, we stopped at Frost Bites in Pflugerville, for sno cones with Betty Boop. A cute summer must!

The second day we had reservations at Dirdie Birdie, another indoor golf place located in the Domain, and daytime is best for families. Reservations are a must for food, and then for golf as well. The food was delicious, and then it was our time slot for golf. Each hole represents an Austin landmark which made the game that much more interesting and fun. Pennybacker Bridge was a favorite, as well as Into the Wild - we couldn't see where we were hitting our ball! The best hole was SXSW - where music played as our ball made its way to the hole.

While at the Domain, we visited Dicks Sporting Goods where we found some great sneakers for back to school.

And...The Yard Milkshakes was a stop where Augie was surprised at the size of his cookie monster order - it was delish!

In between all of our fun, we put together so many puzzles! And watched Paws of Fury on TV in the evening. We even ordered Wingstop to be delivered, another of Augie's faves.

I hope he knows how much we enjoyed being with him and treating him, I think he does. And he seemed to have a blast on his days for just one...instead of having to share the fun with his brother and sister!

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