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Dutiful Daughter

I was always a dutiful daughter, I suppose.  I had rules in the house that I had to follow regarding what I wore, where I went, and even activities I participated in.  My dad, like lots of fathers, had standards that were not understandable to me…but I tried to obey.  I remember as a teen feeling the oppression of obedience to these rules and standards and finding my way around them, even deceiving my parents, because of the frustration I felt with the rules. 

One particular memory I have ...

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In and around Central Texas, my husband and I enjoy fun, food and adventure.  Check out THYME'S new blog to be inspired to try something new!

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Can't Get Enough?

In history, the herb of thyme was given to others because it was believed to be a source of courage.  We'd like to offer our readers a source of courage, as well - to be practical, yet spiritual women - effecting change in your world.

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