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Who They Are


Labels…names…they’re changing everywhere…and our kids are growing up in a world where our daughters may no longer be defined as women, and our sons may no longer be called men.  While many changes are wonderful, labels that have derogatory meanings behind the changes are confusing and could cause our children so much angst in identifying who in the heck they are.

Now, maybe more than ever, our kids need to know who HE says they are…especially as school begins another year. 

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In and around Central Texas, my husband and I enjoy fun, food and adventure.  Check out THYME'S new blog to be inspired to try something new!

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In history, the herb of thyme was given to others because it was believed to be a source of courage.  We'd like to offer our readers a source of courage, as well - to be practical, yet spiritual women - effecting change in your world.

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