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ENCOURAGEMENT - may 2021 - simple truths

The Mom Spectrum


My mom passed away six years ago…so hard to believe it’s been that long.  I’m missing my mom.

That mom left her baby abandoned, and the baby is orphaned.  That baby misses her mom.

One mom works a 70hr work week and is barely home for dinner.  Those children miss Mom.

Another mom was in a shopping mall where a shooting took place.  Now a missing mom.

And yet another “mom to be,” she thought, but then she never was…she’s missing being a mom.

There are so many gapes and holes in families when Mom is missing, for any number of reasons. 

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Can't Get Enough?

In history, the herb of thyme was given to others because it was believed to be a source of courage.  We'd like to offer our readers a source of courage, as well - to be practical, yet spiritual women - effecting change in your world.

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