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Showing Up


I can’t tell you how many times lately I’ve looked into my daughter’s face and seen tired eyes, a mom that just wants to sleep, and yet a mom that’s so proud of her kids.  She’s a full-time working mom with three littles, and life is busy.  I’m sure this describes all moms whether you’re single, have one kid, or many.  Moms are tired.

But this past weekend, as we were at her youngest one’s baseball game, I was able to capture this photo of my daughter as she snapped a picture of Augie swing the bat and run to first base.    I smiled outwardly and inwardly, because it’s a beautiful thing – this mom that’s tired – being there to cheer on her kids.

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Can't Get Enough?

In history, the herb of thyme was given to others because it was believed to be a source of courage.  We'd like to offer our readers a source of courage, as well - to be practical, yet spiritual women - effecting change in your world.

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