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This Christmas


I had choices now to make against the knocks life was bringing.  I was being asked to be uncomfortable, even hurt, and found myself once again questioning the foundation on which I was standing.  This time my faith in Jesus was intact, but it was his goodness that was coming into question.  Where was he when deep hurts occurred, when people left and when I just couldn’t forgive or forget?  That thing I’d barely tapped into was beckoning me to step further inside…grace.

...This Christmas I’m just sitting and observing the sun and the moon and all that’s in between.  I’m tired of trying to correct what I think God missed, and shaking my finger at his non-responses. 

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In and around Central Texas, my husband and I enjoy fun, food and adventure.  Check out THYME'S new blog to be inspired to try something new!

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Can't Get Enough?

In history, the herb of thyme was given to others because it was believed to be a source of courage.  We'd like to offer our readers a source of courage, as well - to be practical, yet spiritual women - effecting change in your world.

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