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It’s April. And hopefully, the weather is warming up where you are.  But if not, save these date ideas for next month or in the summer.  But in the summer where I live, it gets too hot even for these date ideas.  What inspired the boat theme for this month was our vacation in late February to Florida, where we took several boat rides.  I forgot how romantic and charming and fun they can be. 

A Water Taxi – If your town has one, hop on and enjoy the sights.  If not, then consider any sort of water tour that your town or one nearby offers.  Maybe it’s one of those Duck Tours that goes from land into the water.  See if you can find a boat that has a guide that tells you about what you see, and plan it for a nice date with your spouse. 

Pedal Boats (or is it Paddle Boats?) – I think you can call these by either name!  Is there a lake in your area that rents these?  Make it a point to find where you can step on one of these two-seaters this spring and pack a snack, and go out…and just enjoy each other’s presence…on the water.

Sunset Dinner Cruise – This is what we did in Florida, and we’ve enjoyed them a few times at home. They’re usually not cheap, so this might be a splurge.  However, 2-3 hours on the water at sunset, dining on Texas BBQ (Yes, that’s what they served in Florida!), or whatever the boat offers is just so memorable and romantic.  Take a wrap or a blanket, or the boat might even provide these as well

MARRIAGE - apr 2024 - date night fun.jpg

Fishing Boat – When is the last time you both fished together?  Well, we haven’t done it in ages.  But I think it sounds fun.  If you can’t find a boat, then find a dock.  Grab some poles and bait, and see what you can catch.  Pack a lunch.  Take the kids if you want…or go without them.  It’s not about the catch, it’s about being close and conversing and observing as you wait for the tug.

Boat Watching – Maybe actually being on a boat isn’t your thing, so pack a picnic, sit by the water, and watch others on their boats, and enjoy the view.  Go at sunrise, or sunset.  Spread a blanket, and shop beforehand at Trader Joe’s for some unique and fun snacks you’ve not tried before.  Oh my gosh, this will be so much fun.

These boat ideas require very little planning, except to bring your snacks if you need to.  And deciding on the snacks together can be fun.  But being on a boat, observing boats, and enjoying the water is soothing, it’s time away from work and chores, and it’s such a great way to decompress and look into each other’s eyes in the reflection of the skies…


On a Boat
by Marcy Lytle
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