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Every month we live we learn, and sharing what we learn is fun, and learning from others is the best.  So here’s my list of what I learned these past few weeks:

My husband loves to mix Italian sodas with club soda for a refreshing drink – 2/3 Italian to 1/3 club.  He says it’s awesome.

Save broken jewelry and mismatched earrings and bag it up for the littles photo booth at their parties.  They’ll love it!  A store we visited was selling this in little bags.

Did you know Ikea has amazing closet organization ideas?  My daughter just had hers redone…

Legos are awesome, and we just recently found the aquarium set – what a cool one!

We recently tried cookies from atx sweets – oh my goodness – they’re good! And big!

At a market we bought the Sunbeam Veranda rose – it’s really beautiful and tall!

I found the CUTEST scarves for $1.97 each at Walmart in the accessories section – in cool spring patterns – great for headbands as well!

Redwood and Co makes the best smelling candles – not cheap – but the scents are fantastic!

Leftover lettuce and leftover chicken?  Make lettuce wraps – easy to make and great for taking on the go!

You can purchase those balloon arches on Amazon – to make.  They’re not to difficult and look great at parties!

Walmart has such a pretty table runner by Better Homes and Gardens that’s reversible – love it so much!

Large mason jars are great for holding dips or homemade butters, for serving and storing.  Like pimiento cheese or almond butter!

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Check out @lamplightfiberart for her pretty jewelry.  I particularly love the necklaces and earrings – very affordable and well made.

Twisting two scarves together makes for a great headband – thick, stays in place, and is comfy!  You just fold each one in a triangle and roll.  Then twist the two together, tie around your hair at the base of your neck – and you’re done!

I learned what charoset is, and how to pronounce it, at last month’s Passover dinner – look it up!

If you want a sun-kissed glow on your face, mix your foundation with tanning cream – it works.

Amazon has the coolest fire pit – it makes into a grill for cooking – and closes up as a table – or just open for a fire pit!  We love it! (it's pictured at the top!)

Those little yard spinners from Dollar Tree look cute in outdoor plants, in a group!

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Last Month's Learnin'...
by Marcy Lytle
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