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Sometimes, the world seems anything but safe.


I have suffered with anxiety most of my life, due to several traumatic events that began even when I was just a small child. Most of you can probably relate, at least to some degree. Life can feel harsh, overwhelming and exhausting. 


I often think about Jesus' disciple, John, and how comfortable and safe he must have felt with his Lord. It must have been such a rare and wonderful thing to have laid his head on Jesus' breast with complete abandon and ease. While I so greatly desire that type of intimacy with God, too many other messages in my head seem to be at war with it: "Hurry up!" "No rest for the weary!" "Get it right the first time!" "Rent's due tomorrow!" Everything needs to be done well, and done NOW, or else!


But some know better. While Jesus loves all of us equally, John referred to himself as "the disciple Jesus loved" because he was uniquely able to receive it. He wasn't afraid to even be physically close and still with his beloved Savior.

photo courtesy of Doug Gephardt

I wonder, if I had the opportunity today,

if I would be able to do that,

or if it would just be too weird,

too vulnerable for me.


I know that God wants and deserves all of me. He created me to feel safe with him, to be able to let my walls completely down and enjoy relaxing with him. And, each time I feel completely beaten up and exhausted by life's disappointments and impossible pace, I drag my tired heart back to him, and I like to believe that all of that practice is making me a little better at it each time.


He sure is patient with me!


Hopefully one day I will know that I, too, am the disciple Jesus loves, to the degree of trust, comfort and vulnerability that John knew that he was.

Safe and Loved
by Pam Charro